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English Cricket Fans Just Delivered A Masterclass In Trolling Australians

Australia were all out for just 60 runs in the fourth Ashes Test at Trent Bridge, and English fans seized the opportunity to troll their old friends.

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With conditions looking good at Trent Bridge this morning, England and Australia got the fourth Ashes Test underway. It seemed like it would be a normal day of Test cricket.

We're about to get under way - @blowersh & @philtufnell on air. Listen on @5liveSport #Ashes Tweet us #bbccricket

But then MINUTES later, this happened...

WICKET - What a start! Rogers caught at slip for 0, Broad's 300th Test wicket. Aus 4-1 #Ashes

Stuart Broad bagged his 300th Test wicket, and Australia made a terrible start on 4-1.

Suddenly, this quote from Australia captain Michael Clarke started to look pretty funny:

Yep, history was definitely in the making.

And then the wickets kept on coming, Australia capitulated and lost five wickets in the first 25 balls.

And it was all thanks to this man.


"Hahahahahahahahaha..." could be heard throughout most of the UK. But not in this particular section of Trent Bridge.

Even the police got in on the act.

We're receiving reports of Aussies in trouble...👮 #Ashes2015

But there was no sympathy.

I actually feel a bit sorr......Ha! As if. #Ashes

Captain Clarke fought bravely, and managed to get above 10 runs, a heroic effort for an Australian this summer:

Think Clarke should declare now...damage limitation and all that


This is giving me memories of school when we had a big game with our local rivals and got bowled out for 13

But he soon walked, and it wasn't long before the rest of the Australian batsmen followed suit...

Australia were all out in 111 balls - the fewest amount for a first innings in Test history

Australia were all out for 60, so they made history after all...

They were bowled out so quickly, that you could fit their entire innings into ONE tweet.

04W24W0W04100000W40000110W020000401000W000000000101000011W0011200010040040000W1W30000000000000400000000000001004W: Aus innings in one tweet.


You could even fit in the runs from "extras" (points awarded to the batting side for fouls by the fielding side), and still write out Australia's innings in one tweet.

.4lbW24W.W.41nb.....W4lb....11.W.2lb....4.2nb...W.........1.1....11W..112...1lb..4..4....W1W3.............4..............2nb..4W #Ashes

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA," still ringing around England.

See The Muppets are coming back on Sky. Is this a preview? #aussieaussieaussie

Perhaps for the first time, you too could experience what life would be like as a professional Australian cricketer.

Pretend you're an Australian cricketer by walking to the middle of a field, turning round and immediately walking back. @TwopTwips

At this point, the whole of England are creased in laughter, unable to lift themselves off the floor where they are rolling around uncontrollably, tears streaming from their eyes, murmuring "60 all out... 60 all out".


Australians weren't best pleased.

In fact, one Aussie newspaper labelled it "Pomicide".

Tomorrow's back page: It's Pomicide @Jesse_Hogan #Ashes2015


And when it became clear that Australia's top runs scorer was "Extras", even our politicians got involved in the trolling.

England dismiss Australia for 60 in 111 balls. First time 'Extras' been top scorer! #Ashes2015

And all this happened by lunchtime... it was all a bit too much.

Extras (14) is the top runscorer in an Ashes innings for the time EVER.


I reckon Extras should open the batting in the next innings .... Top scorer 😜 #Ashes2015

Records were broken!

Stuart Broad's 8/15 is the best bowling in a Test innings by an England pacer against a Team other than South Africa. #Ashes

And not just for England...

#news: Australia Record Sixth Worst-Ever Ashes Score

It could be the first time this has ever happened on a BBC poll...

It's hard to argue with that... Listen on 5 live sports extra & online #Ashes


This morning we asked you if England would regain the #Ashes - here's how you voted...

Australia, we just want to know if you're okay.

Erm, Australia..... u ok Hun? #Ashes