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    David Beckham Just Got Romeo The Best Birthday Present

    And he looked pretty happy about it.

    David Beckham's son Romeo turned 13 last week, and he was given a pretty special present by his dad.

    Michael Regan - The Fa / Getty Images

    Romeo led England out at Wembley, the home of English football, accompanied by the captain of the national team, Wayne Rooney.

    The 13-year-old was England's lead mascot for their match against Switzerland, and he looked pretty happy about it.

    Michael Regan - The Fa / Getty Images

    Romeo's superstar dad managed to pull a few strings with the FA to make it all happen.

    Michael Regan - The Fa / Getty Images

    And Rooney, a former England teammate of David Beckham's, was happy to pass on a few words of wisdom to Romeo ahead of the match.

    So Romeo might not have been playing in the match, but he's now at least followed in his father's footsteps by pulling on an England shirt, walking out onto the Wembley turf, and singing the national anthem.

    Matt Lewis - The Fa / Getty Images

    David Beckham was in attendance and said Romeo was very excited about the occasion.

    David Beckham at the England dugout in Wembley to see Wayne Rooney make English Football history...

    "Romeo is obviously very lucky as part of his 13th birthday that I have a few connections still at the FA," he told ITV.

    "He's one of the mascots tonight so he's excited."

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