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17 Gifs, Vines And Pictures That Prove Magic Is Legit Real

TV cameras don't lie.

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1. Televised sport gives us an excellent opportunity to see displays of magical power the government don't want us to see. Such as this hockey fan, who stopped the scoreboard from falling on the coach's head.

A true hero.

2. This darts player, who thought the cameras were off, can absorb objects around him and fart a dangerous noxious gas.

The technique was developed by the US military during the second world war.

3. This 3,000-year-old Scottish wizard was caught in the act summoning an orb by shouting an ancient spell.

ITV / Via

4. And 4,000-year-old Scottish wizard, Andy Murray, uses magic to fit an old man into his training bag as a good luck charm for important tennis matches.

How did he think he'd get away with this?

5. This hockey player got so fed up with taking shit from the Dallas Stars, he shot an NHL logo into their faces... right on national television.

NHL / Via


6. This guy's magic abilities sadly escaped him while he was trying to make the scoreboard vanish, but he still clearly possesses the aforementioned abilities.

7. Arsene Wenger can summon a text box...

Premier League / Via

8. ...or can just as easily make one disappear.

9. CM Punk can summon his own name into the air with his fist.

WWE / Via

Think wrestling is fake? How could he fake that?

10. Arsenal footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain once transformed into Santi Cazorla in the blink of an eye.

BT Sport / Via

A form of blatant cheating if you ask me.

11. If you grew up thinking Hadoukens were just part of the Street Fighter video game series, think again.

12. And speaking of Hadoukens, did your school teachers ever tell you the real story of how the moon was created?

They were probably too busy "teaching" you nonsense about man supposedly landing on the moon.

13. The, frankly, fucking ominous disappearance of Tim Sherwood still hasn't been addressed by the UK government.

He is still missing.

14. This tennis player can shoot TV logos out of his index finger.


That's just not fair on the other guy.

15. This illuminati basketball player transferred his ball from the physical realm into the digital realm of the advertising screen, but then transferred it back again when he realised the game was being filmed for TV.

16. Raheem Sterling once got so fed up with waiting for a high five he summoned a Premier League logo out of his hand to end the awkward moment.

Premier League / Via

17. And finally, this is one of the first known moments of magic being caught by television cameras.

Sky Sports / Via

Still think magic is fake?