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Tesco Just Absolutely Ruined A Liverpool Fan On Twitter


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Liverpool fan @Morenology tweeted Tesco this afternoon about some less than satisfactory cheese he purchased from the store.

I'm never buying cheese from @Tesco again, absolutely shocked by my purchase.

How can cheese be so bad?

The Tesco Twitter account got in touch to see exactly what was wrong with the cheese...

@Morenology Hello, I'm so sorry to hear this. Can you please elaborate on what's wrong with the cheese you purchased? TY - Imran

Then it transpired the whole thing was a weak joke designed to have a dig at Chelsea fans.

@Tesco Well, I opened the packet to find half of the Chelsea FC fanbase! Very plasticy, it had a rent boy whiff too.

Microsoft will be pleased to know that at least one person is still using MS Paint, though.


The original Tesco Tweeter, Imran, handed the keys over to Mike, who, presumably, is a Chelsea fan.

@Morenology Oh dear, I'd like to make a note of this issue. Can I take your title please? Or do you not have one... - Mike


As it turns out, Mike has history when it comes to rubbing Liverpool fans up the wrong way. In June, he was on shift when he received this tweet:

@Tesco Got any deals on? I have a budget of £0 and preferably I'd like the product to be English and show great character.

Deluded Brendan is a popular Brendan Rodgers parody account, but the person who runs the account didn't bank on coming up against Tesco's finest - Mike.

Mike came back with a cheeky little dig about Liverpool's habit of buying Southampton players.

@DeludedBrendan Hmm, I'm not sure mate. Would you like me to check our stores in Southampton? - Mike

But it didn't end there.

Deluded Brendan, which, on reflection, is probably managed by a Man United fan, took the dig one step further.

.@Tesco Mike, would I be able to return the striker I bought from your Southampton store last year? I still have the receipt.