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Tesco Just Absolutely Ruined A Liverpool Fan On Twitter


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Liverpool fan @Morenology tweeted Tesco this afternoon about some less than satisfactory cheese he purchased from the store.

I'm never buying cheese from @Tesco again, absolutely shocked by my purchase.

How can cheese be so bad?

The Tesco Twitter account got in touch to see exactly what was wrong with the cheese...

@Morenology Hello, I'm so sorry to hear this. Can you please elaborate on what's wrong with the cheese you purchased? TY - Imran

Then it transpired the whole thing was a weak joke designed to have a dig at Chelsea fans.

@Tesco Well, I opened the packet to find half of the Chelsea FC fanbase! Very plasticy, it had a rent boy whiff too.

Microsoft will be pleased to know that at least one person is still using MS Paint, though.

But Tesco weren't having any of it...

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Not one bit of it.

The original Tesco Tweeter, Imran, handed the keys over to Mike, who, presumably, is a Chelsea fan.

@Morenology Oh dear, I'd like to make a note of this issue. Can I take your title please? Or do you not have one... - Mike


Good work, Mike. Good work.

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As it turns out, Mike has history when it comes to rubbing Liverpool fans up the wrong way. In June, he was on shift when he received this tweet:

@Tesco Got any deals on? I have a budget of £0 and preferably I'd like the product to be English and show great character.

Deluded Brendan is a popular Brendan Rodgers parody account, but the person who runs the account didn't bank on coming up against Tesco's finest - Mike.

Mike came back with a cheeky little dig about Liverpool's habit of buying Southampton players.

@DeludedBrendan Hmm, I'm not sure mate. Would you like me to check our stores in Southampton? - Mike

But it didn't end there.

Deluded Brendan, which, on reflection, is probably managed by a Man United fan, took the dig one step further.

.@Tesco Mike, would I be able to return the striker I bought from your Southampton store last year? I still have the receipt.