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People Can't Get Enough Of This Ridiculous Trick Shot From Alan Shearer

He's still got it.

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If you've forgotten how truly brilliant Alan Shearer was (shame on you), his son has tweeted a short video which encapsulates why we loved the Newcastle United and England striker so much.

Not only has Shearer totally "still got the technique", but he also still has *that* celebration in his locker, which is good news for the universe, frankly.

Here's *that* celebration mid-flow...

Will Shearer / Via Twitter: @willshearer9

The tweet has been retweeted thousands of times, but the best part is this response from Alan Shearer's former teammate Rob Lee...

@willshearer9 how many attempts was that ??? 😂😂

Oh ye of little faith.

Will Shearer tried to set him straight, but the long-serving Magpies midfielder was having none of it...

@7RobLee believe it or not it was his first attempt #lucky 😛

@willshearer9 now I know you are telling lies !!! ⚽️🙊🍻🍻🍻

(Strong emoji game there).

To be honest, in hindsight, this suggestion from a fan might have actually been better to watch.

@willshearer9 @alanshearer should of broke character and Klinsmann'd in the pool