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19 Reasons Brazil Is Still The World's Favourite Team

Fique tranquilo, Brasil. The world still loves you.

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And, for many, the world's greatest football country.

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5. He was so popular that games would sometimes have to be paused for 10-15 minutes because fans would storm the pitch to get closer to him.

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When matches ended, he often had to sprint to the tunnel just so he wouldn't get mobbed by fans and stripped of his boots, socks, shorts and shirt by fans who wanted material evidence of this god's existence.


13. And it's not just about the players, their fans have captured our hearts.

Pierre-philippe Marcou / AFP / Getty Images

Clovis Acosta Fernandes – a football fan so legendary that the international press gave him obituaries when he passed away.


18. There's always someone to inspire the next generation, and to show new things to those who think they've seen everything.