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    18 Things Teenagers Can Do BEFORE They Are Allowed To Vote In Elections

    Young people gain new rights and responsibilities at different stages of their life. Looking at this list of things they can do before 18, it makes you wonder why voting in elections is one of the very last rights they acquire.

    1. Leave home

    2. Pay tax

    3. Claim benefits

    4. Get married

    5. Join the army

    6. Receive an Anti-Social Behaviour Order

    7. Have sex

    8. Play the lottery

    9. Pilot a plane

    10. Give consent to medical treatment, including surgery

    11. Drive a vehicle

    12. Be detained in police custody

    13. Have an abortion

    14. Drink alcohol

    15. Give evidence under oath

    16. Donate blood

    17. Get a body piercing

    18. Vote for, or against, Scottish independence