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9 Valentine's Day Cards For Every Special Someone In Your Life

For when you want to be cute, loving and maybe even a little bit cheeky.

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1. For The Emoticon Lover In Your Life...

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We all have that one person who uses emoticons more often than actual words, and to that person, this is the best (and most accurate) card you can give them. A simple compliment, with an assisted emoticon. PRAISE.

2. For The Animal Lover In Your Life...

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What says I love you more than adorable little otters? The answer: Nothing. Give this to the sweetheart in your life that loves all things animal, and all things cute! You'll be sure to win them over with these little guys.

3. For The Lover You Met On Tinder...

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Don't be ashamed, we've all had a little online romance. However, if your online romance turned into a real life rom-com then CONGRATULATIONS! Celebrate, with a card that reminds them of just how it all began.

4. For The One Who Deserves Some extra loving...

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Direct, sexy and to the point. February 14th only comes around once a year, and honestly there isn't any time to waist. Why not speed things up with a card that tells your valentine exactly what you want this year.

5. For The aDORKable Person In Your Life...

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with having asthma, in fact it's kind of cute if you can literally take someone's breathe away (we're talking to you Sam Bennett from Private Practice) Show that person you love everything about them this Valentine's day, even their quirks.

6. For The One That Drives You Crazy...

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We all have that one person in our life who does a million things a day to annoy us, and yet somehow we love them anyways. Remind them that even when they leave NO TOILET PAPER ON THE ROLL, you can always move past it, and love them anyways.

7. For The Pop Culture Aficionado...

Etsy / Via

To the person who always knows what day that hot new horror film is coming out, just when Justin Bieber is about to change up his hairstyle and just how long it will take until Miley Cyrus pulls off yet another surprising twist. Show them you love them - and their love for celebrities.

8. For The Person Who Doesn't Love Love...

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To the love of your life, who happens to also be the hater of all things loving and adorable. You love them, you always have and you always will, and they love you right back, but they may not be the most affectionate. Show them you care, without making them sick, with a simple: meh.

9. For The DILF In Your Life...

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Bless DILFs, and Bless the Dad Bod, basically just bless all things dad related and the fact that the internet is not only accepting but ENCOURAGING this type of beautiful man meat. Remind your papi that you heart him this year.

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