Rianne Hunter is a wife and mother of three who loves to write about all things interesting!
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  • Five Reasons Why Being The Designated Driver Can Be Awesome

    Hail the designated driver! Not only do we appreciate when it’s someone else’s turn, but being the designated driver has its perks, too! The thought of being the designated driver for a night is not always appealing to some, especially if you are planning to take a bunch of your wildest friends out for an evening of bar hopping. However, there are a few reasons why being the designated driver is downright awesome, regardless of the antics you may be stuck with for the night.

  • Six Awesome Motorcycle Chase Scenes from the Big Screen

    Motorcycle chases are some of the most adrenaline fueled and suspenseful scenes in cinema. By combining the speed and power of a car chase with the vulnerability and flexibility that a motorcycle allows, some of cinemas most memorable chase scenes have featured the dynamic power of motorcycles. A motorcycle can also be customized to have special Immix Racing cargo racks or other brands that can be outfitted with a camera for unique shots. They can be equipped with a Yamaha xt250 rack or others to give them unique appearances, too. So, just what motorcycle chase scenes rank as the most action-packed, adrenaline laden and awesome?

  • I’m Just A Temp: Famous People Who Had Temp Jobs

    It’s pretty obvious that jobs are pretty scarce these days. Unemployment rates might be bit lower than they were a few years back, but there are still millions of people in this country who are without jobs. Even some of the biggest Hollywood Stars wouldn’t have made it to where they are now without taking a few temp jobs here and there. When times are tough, people take whatever jobs they can get to get by. These four celebs sure did.

  • Celebrity Fitness: Four Unique Methods Celebs Use To Get In Shape

    These aren’t necessarily the diet and exercise regimes you’re going to want to adopt immediately, but it’s fun to consider the crazy things actors and actresses do to fit the characters we see on screen! Many celebrities make their living by having the ‘perfect’ physique. Actresses and models have immense pressure placed on them to bounce back to pre-pregnancy weights within two or three months of giving birth. Actors are expected to appear lean in one film and bulk up to superhero musculature for the next project effortlessly and on insanely-short time frames. Of course, some celebs will go to extreme lengths to meet the demands placed on them by directors, fans and their own work ethic. Here are the four most unique methods celebrities have used to get into a desired shape.

  • How to Avoid the Five Most Common Reasons Car Crashes Are Fatal

    It’s the unfortunate case that because many of us opt to drive large metal boxes on four wheels at rapid rates very near to stationary objects and other boxes of metal on four wheels moving at rapid rates that things can go bad quickly. Here are some ideas for avoiding the worst case scenarios.

  • Five Sports Injuries That Should Have Ended A Professional Career

    Many times athletes take a huge risk to compete within their given sports. Some athletes look as though they won’t be able to make it back when they deal with injuries that seemingly should signal the end of their careers. These are a few examples of those inspirational athletes that fight their way back.

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