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    16 Signs You're The Ron Swanson Of Your Friend Group

    Let's face it, Ron Swanson is the best thing that's happened since bacon.

    1. You know that meat is the only food required for a complete meal.

    2. You don't have time for vegetables.

    3. Some people may find your relaxation techniques...questionable.

    4. You share the same weaknesses.

    5. And the same opinions on alcohol.

    6. You don't believe in luck.

    7. Or the government for that matter.

    8. But you do believe in helping out the community.

    9. And educating the youth.

    10. You're more of a DIY type of person.

    11. You don't necessarily consider yourself a "people person."

    12. Subtlety is not your thing.

    13. You have a vigorous exercise regimen.

    14. You have a strong love for your country.

    15. But most importantly, you love yourself.

    16. ...And hate cats.