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    22 Things That 100% Happened If You Grew Up Arab

    "Yalla, bye."

    1. When you saw these hand gestures, you knew your life was about to come to an end.

    2. And your childhood was basically you living in fear of the shibshib.

    #GrowingUpArab Running away from Mama's shibshib throws like...

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    3. High school, college, and middle school roll call was always interesting.

    4. And you spent some time teaching people how to properly pronounce...well, a lot of things.

    5. There's a very good chance you and your parents jammed out to this guy in the car.

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    6. Running into your very, very distant aunt at family functions went something like this:

    @arabproblems / Via

    Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out how we're related?

    7. And if you ever needed a friend, you never had to worry — you had a whole tribe of people to turn to.

    8. All conversations about relationships went the same way.

    @kvrdish / Via

    9. And some of your friends may not have understood that dating was just a little different for you.

    @arabproblems / Via

    10. But once you hit 20-something, you were suddenly supposed to be married like, tomorrow.

    @arabproblems / Via

    11. Then your family would shamelessly try to set you up with people like you didn't know what was up.

    12. And forget about the whole sex talk, that wasn't even a thing.

    13. When you explained that not all Arabs are Muslims and not all Muslims are Arab, peoples’ minds were pretty blown.

    Rede Globo de Televisão

    14. But if you were Muslim, when Ramadan rolled around, chances are you were (and might still be) asked this question:

    @arabproblems / Via

    15. And Eid was the greatest day of the year.

    16. Even though this was always you at the end of the festivities:

    @arabproblems / Via

    They still found a way to hunt you down anyway.

    17. If your aunt was on a call with someone from back home, please believe you would be waiting for a LONG time for them to get off.

    18. And almost every phone call ended like this:

    @arabproblems / Via

    19. At family outings, the decision of who's going to pay for dinner always got taken to some extreme level it didn't need to go to.

    20. And the inside of your body, wasn't actually made up of mostly water — it was made up of tea.

    21. No matter what you were going through in life, your parents always reminded you that they had it harder.

    22. And even when you did actually grow up, things didn't really change at all.

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