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    27 Photos That Scream "Only In Philly"


    1. There is a good chance you've picked up food at the greatest convenience store of all time.

    Lauren Siegert / Via

    "Don't come at me with Sheetz."

    2. And hell becomes real when your neighborhood Wawa closes down.

    @djsic5 / Via

    I'm probably being dramatic, but the feeling is pretty damn close.

    3. Heaven looks like the most beautiful Philly cheesesteak you could dream up.

    4. And you have very strong opinions about where the best cheesesteak place is in the city.

    5. Septa has tap danced on your LAST nerve.

    6. And every day you take the train into work, you basically brace yourself for the worst.

    7. Your childhood wasn't even close to complete without Tastykakes.

    Juan Monroy / Via

    8. And once you had one Tastykake...well, it didn't really end there.

    9. The first day of spring is marked with free Rita's.

    @viddynovic / Via


    10. Your summers are spent at one of the greatest beaches in the world (kinda).

    Jackie / Via

    11. Soft pretzels are a delicacy.

    12. These are jimmies. They're not sprinkles. They'll never be sprinkles.

    13. And this isn't a sub, it's a hoagie ok?

    @chefraz83 / Via

    14. You've lost some hair from the stress that is trying to park in South Philly.

    15. And this isn't anything out of the ordinary:

    16. So territory is marked accordingly.

    17. You are the most intense sports fan alive. Ever. In life.

    ESPN / Via

    And sometimes you take things a little too far?

    18. But hey, being a Philly sports fan is hard sometimes.

    Twitter: @cole_land

    So we'll let it slide.

    19. You spend a lot of time explaining slang.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    20. And voicing frustration looks like this:

    Tyler Tynes / Via

    21. You aren't afraid to speak your mind.

    Twitter: @crwnmusic

    "Alternative Fact: Nobody is here protesting right now."

    22. You've chuckled a bit at the tourists lining up to take a photo with the Rocky Statue.

    Kevin Harber / Via

    Winter, summer, spring, hail, rain, snow — this is a daily thing.

    23. I-76 traffic is next level traffic.

    @screamin0 / Via

    Just looking at this photo is giving me anxiety tbh.

    24. You may or may not have gone to war with PPA at some point.

    @devonthemermaid / Via

    Who decided to give these fools a show?

    25. And the potholes are pretty much bottomless trenches.

    26. Being from South Jersey is NOT the same as being from Philly — we still love you anyway though.

    27. And although you know it has its quirks — there really is no other city that's greater than yours.

    Richard Ricciardi / Via

    Philly is bae.

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