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15 Products That Will Make Your Ramadan Easier Than Ever

No water or food all day? Piece of cake, amirite?

Ramadan, aka the Real Hunger Games, has descended upon us and let me tell you โ€” it gets pretty real.

@mouquett_ / Via Twitter: @mouqeet_

With fasting from sunrise to sunset, I'm sure you can imagine that folks get tired, delusional, etc.

@OmarImranTweets / Via Twitter: @OmarImranTweets

And honestly, you would be foolish to think otherwise.

That's why, for this holy month, we've accumulated a list of things that can make your Ramadan easy peasy. Check it all out below!

1. Mason Jars for overnight oats!

@watsonsth / Via

So it's true that although suhoor is necessary, sometimes (very often) waking up that early can be painful. Idk about you, but all I want to do is literally roll out of bed, eat something, and go back to sleep. And what quick breakfast is better than overnight oats? Get some mason jars you can pack them in on Amazon for $8.58.

2. This T-Shirt to amp you up for waking up at the crack of dawn.

Because honestly, we might just need just a little extra boost to wake us up to eat breakfast at four o' clock in the morning. Pick it up on Amazon for $13.99.

3. A crock pot, because nobody wants to cook Iftar at the end of the day.

Let's be real, the last thing any of us wants to do when we're fasting is come home from work and make dinner. If I have it my way, I'm napping until it's Iftar time. If you don't want to have to worry about dinner, putting the crockpot on before you leave the house in the morning is always a good alternative to cooking at night. Get one on Amazon for $40.14.

4. Slow Cooker Liners, because nobody wants to clean that crock pot either.

Who wants to do dishes after Iftar? Let me tell you, not I. Pick up these slow cooker liners from Amazon for $8.34.

5. Tupperware to store everything you make!

Rubbermaid / Via

If you're cooking your Iftars in advance, you're going to need a place to store it, right? Take your preparation skills to the next level with this 22-piece tupperware set from Bed Bath and Beyond for $49.99. Yes, you are going to splurge a little โ€” but honestly, with so many pieces of tupperware, it just might be worth it.

6. A Turkish tea set, because if you're Muslim you know โ€” tea is life.

CopperBull / Via

And Iftar isn't Iftar without tea after dinner. Pick up this beautiful tea set from Amazon for $69.95.

7. Prayer Rugs for Fajr, Magrib, and all of your prayers throughout the day.

Because we all want gorgeous prayer rugs just like our aunties. Pick up this pretty one from Amazon for $16.98.

8. And an alarm clock to make sure you don't miss any of those prayers, of course.


If you want some reminders throughout the day for when it's time to pray, this alarm clock will definitely help you out. You know, just in case you doze off, or get caught up watching a cooking show (with foods you're dreaming about eating). Pick it up from Amazon for $27.55.

9. A sleep app to make sure you're well rested, because we both know your sleep schedule is about to be super messed up.

idownloadblog / Via

From waking up in the middle of the night/Fajr to going to sleep really late because you are eating or staying up and talking to family, your amount of shut-eye isn't necessarily going to be great during Ramadan. But no biggie. To keep track of your sleeping pattern download the Pillow app from the Apple Store for $4.99. It keeps track of your REM sleep, and also syncs with your Apple Watch.

10. Beard Oil because your facial hair deserves to flourish.

Sunnah Beards / Via

Obviously. Pick up this oil from Sunnah Beards for $20.00.

11. A Fitbit to make sure you are getting just the right amount of sweat in without passing out from dehydration.

Fitbit / Via

There are a lot of people who still try to stay active during Ramadan. But as you might know, with no food or water you need to be careful. To monitor your heart rate and make sure you aren't overexerting yourself pick up a Fitbit on Amazon for $129.99.

12. This awesome water bottle for Suhoor so you know just how much water you are taking in.

Staying hydrated during Ramadan is VERY important. In order to keep track of just how much water you're intaking in both ounces and milliliters, pick up this water bottle from Amazon for $18.99.

13. A quality cookbook for all of the amazing food inspo you need!

That's halal friendly, of course! Not only is it important to be hydrated, but you obviously need to eat nutrient-filled meals during Ramadan as well. If you need some ideas for Suhoor or Iftar, pick up a copy of this book on Amazon for $20.36.

14. Serving Trays, because there's a good chance somebody might come over for Iftar.

MyGift / Via

Whether it's for serving your family or for having your first friends over to break fast for the first time, it's definitely good to have some serving trays in the house. Pick up this one on Amazon for $29.99.

15. And, of course, Medjool Dates to break your fast with!

Acme Food Arts / Via Getty Images

Every day, at Iftar, we are all grabbing these to break our fast. So it's only right that you have a lot of them in the house. Grab some on Amazon for $11.99.

This piece is part of a series of posts and essays celebrating Ramadan. Click here to read more!

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