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    17 People Who Are Happy For Obama But Are Also Internally Sobbing

    "I feel like the world is burning all around me, but I'm happy for him."

    1. Now, unless you've been under a rock, you've probably noticed that people are still not handling Obama leaving the White House well.

    2. From sightings of the Obamas on vacation and in New York, we've all seen the former POTUS having the time of his life.

    3. And even though it's officially over, people can't stop themselves from asking Barry to come back.

    4. Politely, of course.

    5. Some have realized that they just might have lost the best they ever had.

    6. While some have just flat out accepted reality.

    Obama's on vacation with the hat backwards. He's never coming back.

    7. And all efforts to stay strong have failed tremendously.

    8. Some were sure to wish him a happy President's Day!

    9. While others found themselves thinking of more creative alternatives to the current situation.

    10. Or, just living in the past completely.

    11. This photo in particular had people fully in their feelings, but also choking back happy tears.

    12. It also made some people do some deep thinking about their own lives tbh.

    13. It seems like there are people who feel like there's a chance they can win him back?

    14. While some are reading into every subliminal message he might be sending, looking for some signs that maybe he misses being leader of the free world.

    15. Honestly, people are just laying it all out there.

    16. But also out of love, people are happy he's out in the world and thriving.

    17. Because as I'm sure you've noticed — he is EXTREMELY unbothered.

    Do you, Barry O', do you.