13 Snarky News Headlines About Women, Improved

The Vagenda Magazine asked their Twitter followers to tweet them edited headlines. Their followers did not disappoint.

1. The Vagenda asked their Twitter followers to turn around snarky headlines into ‘normalised’ headlines.

2. Some of their Twitter followers noticed that the women have, you know, achieved things?

3. Others saw that women even wore *clothes* after giving birth.

4. Wait, women have skin?

5. Scandal: Nipples!

6. Is it breezy outside? I hadn’t noticed.

@VagendaMagazine Breaking news: Taylor Swift's hair reacts to natural forces in completely normal manner #thevagenda

— Claire Corp (@ce_corp)

7. Breaking News: Women Age.

@VagendaMagazine #thevagenda

— Tamsin Phillips (@TamsinPhillips)

8. Successful > Hot.

Headline subversion: why should a woman be "hot" before "successful"? #thevagenda cc @VagendaMagazine

— Siobhan Rooney (@bluevespertine)

9. Woman completes daily task and she’s HOW OLD?!

@VagendaMagazine another dailymail gem.

— ems (@itsema_)


@VagendaMagazine what a great idea - I could do this all day #thevagenda

— Kim Eggleton (@kimmibobs)

11. Wow, she looks so normal buying that drink. Who would’ve thought?

These stories are already non-news in my opinion: even better when you call them out #thevagenda @VagendaMagazine

— Rebecca Sutton (@bexatrex)

12. They’re not “shapely” legs. They are legs.

@VagendaMagazine This is news, apparently. Woman has legs, eats food. #thevagenda

— Claire Corp (@ce_corp)

13. Is she ‘displaying her fit figure’, or is she just running?

.@VagendaMagazine Here's my favourite snarky headline normalized #running #thevagenda

— Laura Stewart (@ledavies)

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