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    10 Things To Say In Meetings To Sound More Intelligent

    The guys in Utopia (ABC Wednesdays 8.30pm) have this down. How about you?

    1. Let’s take a step back

    ...and put the right hand in and the right hand out?

    2. How can we leverage this opportunity?

    With a lever presumably?

    3. I think it’s about synergy

    That’s the latest energy drink isn’t it?

    4. Can we make this a cross platform initiative?

    Sure. Just mind the gap when entering the carriage.

    5. In my opinion, this is ideal for the Twittersphere

    And for 2007...

    6. Can we put this one on the backburner?

    Definitely. Medium or well done?

    7. Moving forward...

    Safer than moving backwards or you might trip over something.

    8. Let’s utilise all our assets

    Don’t get saucy on me...

    9. Let’s take this offline

    Sorry, I thought the fact we were talking in person meant we were offline.

    10. Hit the ground running

    What about a nice meander?

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