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    19 Ways To Increase Your Tech's Longevity

    Before you go dunking your phone in a bowl of rice, check out these tried and trusted solutions from our BuzzFeed Community.

    New tech devices are not cheap to get, but with so many dodgy "tips" floating around online, it can be hard weeding out the bad from the good.

    It can be pricy getting a device repaired, so it makes sense to keep the ones we have ticking healthily. But sometimes, they run into problems, and it can be scary putting your faith (and your device's fate!) in a tip you found on YouTube.

    We recently asked our BuzzFeed Community for the tried and trusted tips they'd vouch for when it comes to keeping their electronic goods running well in the long-term.

    1. "Whatever device you have, buy a sturdy cover for it. I'm convinced 'they' make devices which are easily breakable so you have to replace them often, so if you're clumsy like me, investing in a good cover will counteract that."

    Someone using their phone

    2. "Keep a computer or laptop running better and lasting longer by investing in a few tools and doing maintenance."

    Someone using a computer

    3. "Clean your devices, inside and out."

    Someone cleaning their laptop

    4. "I like to do what I call 'my monthly purge.' At the end of every month, I delete all my phone calls, voice mails, emails, and browser history, that kind of thing."

    cartoon of people taking out trash

    5. "My 11-year-old laptop was running painfully slow, but I didn't really want to fork out for a new one (I don't game or need anything high-performance), so I moved the files to an external hard drive and ran a factory reset."

    A man and woman using a laptop

    6. "Let your battery get low before recharging."

    Someone charging their phone

    7. "Protect your accounts online."

    Someone using a security app on their phone

    8. "Take care of your battery."

    A phone charging

    9. "Don't be afraid of DIY repairs."

    A man hovering over his computer and pulling down his glasses

    10. "When you see something on your screen, READ IT."

    Programs on a computer

    11. "More software = slower computer speed."

    A woman using her laptop

    12. "Dusty Springclean your computer."

    Someone dusting

    13. "Be careful where you're clicking to."

    A woman using a computer

    14. "Avoid fried electronics with a surge protector."

    Power strips with plugs

    15. "A few simple tricks can improve your PC's longevity."

    A man playing a computer game at a desk with three screens

    16. "Get acquainted with thermal paste."

    A close up of a computer component

    17. "A few things to bear in mind..."

    A man fixing a small part of a computer

    18. "Keep your computer from getting bogged down with unneeded files."

    Cartoon of people cleaning a phone

    19. "Keep your programs up to date."

    a blue speech bubble icon with a white screwdriver and spanner in it

    Note: Some answers have been lightly edited for length and/or clarity.

    What's your top tip? Let us know in the comments!