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    Got A Nifty Tech Trick You Think More People Should Know? Share It With Us!

    We're surrounded by tech that isn't cheap to replace when it goes wrong.

    It's only natural to want to do all we can to preserve or extend the lifespan of our devices, but it can be tricky to find tried, tested, and trustworthy tips online.

    Sometimes, the tips are a little wild, and no one wants to take a gamble with a device they've worked hard to afford!

    So, my internet friends, what are the go-to tips you vouch for to help your fellow netizens get the most out of their devices?

    Perhaps, it's ensuring you don't skip updates or making sure computer/laptop vents aren't clogged up with dust. Maybe you've got a nifty gadget that really helps your devices to keep ticking over nicely. Or, perhaps you discovered an obscure trick you can't believe more people don't know about.

    Whatever it is, head to the comments section, and let me know! You could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post full of handy tricks for keeping your devices running smooth like butter!