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    From Superhero To Superfoods: Chris Hemsworth Explores How To Be Superhuman In "Limitless"

    Chris Hemsworth may look like a picture of health, but like the rest of us, he's concerned he's not doing enough to keep his body and mind running into old age.

    Limitless with Chris Hemsworth recently landed on Disney+.

    A photo of the cast of Limitless at an event

    Episode 1: "Stress-Proof"

    Working with stress psychologist Modupe Akinola, Chris works through a series of tasks designed to test his brain and body, equipped with the new skills he's been taught to combat stress.

    1. Despite our remarkable evolution, our stress system still thinks like our ancestors did.

    Chris Hemsworth breathing out, with an intense expression

    2. The fight-or-flight system is impacted by our own thoughts and emotions.

    Chris Hemsworth smiling

    3. Breathing exercises can have a huge impact.

    Chris Hemsworth learning breathing exercises

    4. Mindful meditation is extremely powerful.

    Chris Hemsworth learning to meditate

    Episode 2: "Shock"

    Shock doesn't have the best connotations, and it's highly likely that if someone suggested deliberately putting your body into shock, we'd run in the opposite direction!

    Episode 2 sees Chris exploring shock and its benefits to the body, looking into how many evolution and modern developments may have made us too comfortable. Heading to the Arctic with brothers Luke and Liam in tow, Chris investigates the health benefits of extreme temperatures with sports scientist, Ross Edgley.

    5. New science says embracing the extremes of temperature could force our bodies to evolve.

    A landscape shot of icy mountains lining the sea

    6. Some scientists believe that taming our reactions to the cold may have huge health benefits down the line.

    7. Extreme heat can also help our bodies improve.

    Chris Hemsworth breathing out intensely, his skin red and sweaty from the heat

    Episode 3: "Fasting"

    A four-day fast? No, thank you! But some research suggests that fasting could be key to unlocking a whole multitude of health benefits. Working with longevity physician Dr. Peter Attia, Chris explores if fasting can help in his quest to live longer.

    8. Periodic fasting may be effective in increasing our longevity.

    Chris Hemsworth putting broccoli back in his fridge

    9. When our bodies don't have food, our ketone production ramps up.

    Close up of Chris' face

    Episode 4: "Strength"

    We all know Chris Hemsworth as someone definitely not in short supply when it comes to muscles, but in Episode 4, he gets back together with sports scientist Ross Edgley and longevity expert Peter Attia to focus on not just how his muscles look onscreen, but how they can help him stay young.

    10. Our muscles do way more than just keeping us moving.

    Chris Hemsworth lowering himself into the icy waters of Norway

    11. Mitochondria is the power house of the cell.

    Chris Hemsworth climbing a rope suspended from a helicopter

    12. Using your muscles sends signals to the rest of your body, helping it stay healthy in a whole host of ways.

    Chris Hemsworth on an exercise bike, running tests with scientists

    Episode 5: "Memory"

    There are gyms for our bodies, but what about workouts for our brains? Chris uses this episode to challenge his brain health after finding out he is eight to 10 times more likely than the average person to develop Alzheimer's disease, due to two copies of a gene passed on from both parents.

    13. Our brain's peak is in our 20s, and our brain begins to degenerate after the age of 30.

    Close up of Dr. Sha talking

    14. We need to take time to stimulate our brains.

    Chris looking pensive

    15. The importance of stimulating our hippocampus.

    Chris on a boat, looking pensive

    16. Our brains evolved in nature, and studies show why we find the natural world so refreshing.

    Chris surfing

    17. Sleep is crucial for brain health.

    chris Hemsworth up close

    18. A workout for the body can be a workout for the brain, too.

    Chris Hemsworth working out using a rope

    Episode 6: "Acceptance"

    For his final challenge, Chris attempts to live three days in the shoes (literally) of an 80-year-old in an immersive setup designed to really amplify the experience of old age, and ultimately, death.

    19. To live longer, it may be beneficial to embrace our mortality.

    Chris Hemsworth wearing the simulation suit described below

    20. There's such a thing as death doulas.

    Chris Hemsworth looking serious

    21. Live every day to the fullest.

    Chris dancing with his wife Elsa

    Did you watch the show? What were some of the takeaways you got from it? Will you make any changes to the way you live your life after watching?