Proof That Beyoncé Is A Goddess Amongst Us

From her unfortunate fashion choices of the 90’s to the diva of today, Beyoncé has shown us what a real woman is.

1. Remember when we didn’t even know what a Destiny’s Child was?

2. And there was so much confusion because it was the 90’s

And fashion such as this was acceptable.

3. But then we understood. And the songs spoke to us.

We did just want him to “Say My Name”. And we understand the meaning behind “Bills Bills Bills”. And, yes, we ARE “Bootylicious”!

4. But then they broke up. And all hope was almost lost.

5. Then Beyoncé went solo. And shit got real.

6. She married the love of her life.

Who just so happens to be Jay Z

7. Then she became Sasha Fierce

8. And told us how to put our hands up.

And it meant so much more than it ever had before.

9. She kept on doing her thing.

10. And showed us who runs the world


11. She announced she would become a mother in the most bad ass way

12. And Blue was born

Strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business

13. Then she made Super Bowl 2013 her opening and closing acts.

14. She had her own HBO Documentary

Where she opened up to us like no one has before. And let us see her without makeup. And she was perfection. As always.

15. Conclusion: Beyoncé, Mrs. Carter, Sasha Fierce. Whatever you want to call her. She is flawless. And she owns it.

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