20 Times You Wanted To Do Prince Harry

So he may have dropped to the 4th place in line to the throne, but he will always #1 in our hearts.

1. That time he posed for GQ.

2. That time he held a puppy that matched his ginger hair

3. That time he mounted a horse

And you wished that horse was you…

4. That time he casually looked across the horizon in Belize

5. That time he wore a tuxedo

Don’t you button that button!

6. That time he moved those hips like yeah

7. That time he wore this uniform

9. Or this uniform…

10. And this uniform.

And it was hard for you to decide if you’d rather him leave it on or take it all off.

11. That time he was a rascal

And you didn’t care that there was a naked girl behind him because that naked girl could be you.

12. But it’s ok because there were so many times he was too hot being charitable

13. That time he wore a plain white shirt and no other plain white shirt looked so good

14. That time he was passionate about sports

And your mind wandered to where else he can be so passionate.

15. That time he played rugby…shirtless…in Afghanistan

16. That time he licked his lips and asked you to play a game of catch

17. That time he loved up on Lupo

18. That time he looked all mysterious in sunglasses

19. That time…that ti… that time you couldn’t even finish a sentence because just look at him!!

20. And that time he just smiled and told you to enjoy the view and bask in all of his royal gingery beauty.

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