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Amazing Footage of Drunk Man Falling Downstairs

It would be the Sun that got hold of this CCTV footage of a man so impossibly wankered he appears almost indestructible. A drunk thrown from an exclusive London celebrity event has been caught on CCTV performing a spectacular acrobatic fall down stairs. The drunk tripped down the stairs after being turfed from a theatre awards night at The Savoy, hosted by Stephen Fry. He apparently fell over in front of guests including Sir Ian McKellen and Liam Neeson, before being put out on the street about 2am. But security footage of the inebriated man in a smart dinner suit shows him as he first trips down a set one flight of stairs, before tumbling, then sliding sideways down a banister and flipping onto his head. Incredibly, the man is able to get up despite the nasty fall, and continues to stagger and fall onto street furniture for several minutes. “It’s amazing he didn’t badly hurt himself, The Sun quoted one source as saying. So far, his identity is unknown. CCTV, eh? There to protect and entertain millions.

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