26 Winter Storm Name Suggestions For The Weather Channel

In honor of Winter Storm Leon and his fellow named storms, here are 26 winter storm names for the 2014-2015 season. And, yes, all of these are actual names that people give to their children.

1. Augustine

Jarek Zok / Via Flickr: jazonz

He would be a classy storm, the kind that retires to the study with some brandy after dumping 6 inches of snow on your hometown.

2. Blossom

Peteneems / Via peteneems.tumblr.com

Because the irony of a name like Winter Storm Blossom will make you smile as you huddle, shivering, under 10 blankets.

3. Calypso

Tracy Hunter / Via Flickr: tracyhunter

Just a gentle reminder to book those tickets to the Caribbean.

4. Delgado

Vampire-Princess / Via vampire—princess.tumblr.com

It means “skinny” in Spanish, so how vicious could Winter Storm Delgado be?

5. Ebnezer

Ansoro / Via ansoro.tumblr.com

Maybe he’d be as stingy with the snow as he is with his money.

6. Fennel

Wee Keat Chin / Via Flickr: visualdensity

Isn’t it time our winter storm naming system started to reflect that multiple children are named Fennel?

7. Gwendoline

Nicole Jiang / Via Flickr: nicolekjiang

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, because Winter Storm Gwendolin is going to kill them all.

8. Harmony

Strawberrylicorice / Via strawberrylicorice.tumblr.com

During Winter Storm Harmony the snow will fall in only the gentlest, most non-intrusive way.

9. Ingrid

Because the little-known Boy Meets World character deserves to be immortalized somehow. (She jumped in the pool to impress the cool kids, after all!)

10. Jezebel

Julia Loves Bette Davis / Via julia-loves-bette-davis.tumblr.com

If we’re going to reclaim this name for women everywhere, shouldn’t we reclaim it for winter storms, too?

11. Kiran

Bahman Farzad / Via Flickr: 21644167@N04

Okay, Winter Storm Kiran might not exactly be a picnic, but it’s just such a COOL name that my inner 13-year-old can’t wait until she shows up!

12. Larry

New Visions / Via Flickr: newvisions2010

This is pretty much the most intense a storm named Larry could possibly get.

13. Merlin

Colinmrgn / Via colinmrgn.tumblr.com

Snow can be so magical!

14. November

Just to confuse people when Winter Storm November doesn’t show up until late February. And, yes, this is a name that people are giving to their children.

15. Oscar

BenLikesPictures / Via Flickr: benlikespictures

He may be a grouch, but he’s still better than Winter Storm Kronos.

16. Prudence

HoboLunchBox / Via hobolunchbox.com

She’s a fun old gal, but Winter Storm Prudence lacks the intensity of a younger storm.

17. Quintessence

Blmiers2 / Via Flickr: blmiers2

She’s the quintessential winter storm!

18. Roland

Reto Fetz / Via Flickr: swisscan

He’ll be in the study with Winter Storm Augustine.

19. Storm

Araceli Arroyo / Via Flickr: chicagoceli

Imagine the confusion created by Winter Storm Storm. And, yes, just like November, Storm is an actual name that parents are giving to their children.

20. Thorton

JohnnyKingSweet / Via johnnykingsweet.tumblr.com

The last of Augustine and Roland’s friends to join us.

21. Ursula

Kiss the Girl / Via erraticisms.tumblr.com

This Winter Storm’s going to be a bitch, just like her namesake.

22. Vulcan

Meredith Alden Lewis / Via blog.meredithaldenlewis.com

Winter Storm Vulcan: all the logic of Spock (or at least his Vulcan half) and all the fury of the Roman god of fire and volcanoes.

23. Wood

spDuchamp / Via Flickr: duchamp

Parents who want their children to have a terrible middle-school experience are particularly fond of this name. So why not name a storm after it? Think of all the puns!

24. Xenobia

I Was Born to Be Rational / Via i-was-born-to-be-rational.tumblr.com

Not to be confused with Winter Storm Xenophobia, who is the WORST.

25. Yves

Cara Delevinge / Via odddelevingne.tumblr.com

The most fashionable storm of them all.

26. And finally: Zenon

Steven Lathrop / Via stevenlathrop.tumblr.com

Storm of the 21st century.

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