I'm Here To Blow Your Mind With These Hidden Facts About "The Princess And The Frog" Nobody Knows

    Okay, but the original Dr. Facilier storyline needs a prequel film just to unpack alllllll that.

    1. Tiana is left handed.

    scene where Tiana is holding a hammer in her left hand

    2. The wishing star Evangeline is actually Venus.

    scene where Tiana is looking off at the star from Charlotte's balcony

    3. Princess Tiana originally had a different name.

    scene where young Tiana is looking out her window with a paper in her hand

    4. While we are on the topic of names...Dr. Facilier also had a name change.

    scene where Dr. Facilier is spreading out his tarot cards on the table

    5. Charlotte was modeled after an iconic woman.

    scene of Charlotte at the costume party

    6. Naveen is the only prince to have both of his parent's still alive.

    scene where Tiana and Naveen are serving their parents at Tiana's Place

    7. Ray's death referenced another Disney movie.

    scene where Ray's star appears next to Evangeline's

    8. Dr. Facilier's original story was quite different.

    scene from Dr. Facilier's musical number

    9. And Tiana made a cameo in Frozen.

    the ballroom scene from "Frozen" and an arrow is pointing to a possible Tiana cameo in the background of Elsa and Anna