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The Best Pizza Cutters

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Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

  • Ergonomic handheld grip
  • Comes apart for thorough cleaning
  • Protective blade makes it great for kids
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Dexter-Russell 4” Sani-Safe Pizza Cutter

  • The sharpest cutter we tested
  • Perfect for high-volume home chefs
  • Built to last, not for style
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Dreamfarm Scizza Scissors

  • Fun and satisfying to use
  • Super-precise cuts
  • Very easy to clean
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We the people of BuzzFeed, in order to form a more cheesy union, establish pie-eyed justice, and promote the general welfare of chewy, browned crusts everywhere, do ordain and establish our review of pizza cutters for the United States of America. Because if you’re as serious about pizza as we are, then you know that a sharp and able pizza cutter can be the difference between the perfect slice or all-out mayhem.  


Whether it’s homemade or frozen, ‘za can’t cut itself. And yes, a chef’s knife might work in a pinch, but only if you like your cheese and toppings dragged from here to Timbuktu. So when searching for the top pizza cutters, we looked for ones that made decisive slices (through thin and thick Sicilian-style pies) with the least amount of effort, and not least were delightful to use and easy to clean.


As for cutter styles, we made sure to test ‘em all: Traditional pizza wheels with handles. Handwheels with protective blade guards. Mezzaluna-style long rockers. Even pizza shears! Surprisingly, we found that the perfect cut plays favorite to no particular style of blade. While all of our winners below vary by style, slice easy knowing you’re getting the best pizza cutter out there, no matter how much you’re willing to spend.


Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

Starting from $13

The Details

Stainless steel blade

4.9” x 4.7” x 1.2”

Available in three colors

Plastic guard for safe storage

What / Who It's Best For

  • Households with children
  • People with small kitchens
  • Those who can't sleep if their dishes aren't spick-and-span

Why We Love It

When it comes to choosing a pizza-cutter style, you’ve got options. For all practical purposes, handheld wheels offer everything a traditional handled wheel can, but in a more home kitchen–friendly package. Handheld wheels are smaller, so they’re easier to store, plus they’re designed to fit right in the palm of your hand, which many argue lends more power and control. If that appeals to you, and you’ve got a thing for safety, you can’t beat our $ pick, the Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel.

Before we dive in, a forewarning: As much as we love this thing, its price does tend to fluctuate, ranging from as low as $12 all the way up to $20. If you get caught with surge pricing (or the Kitchy happens to be out stock), and need a cutter pronto, our runner-up in this price category, the Zyliss Pizza Cutter ($12), will serve you right. It is comparable in form and function but lacks the safety features of the Kitchy. Our testers found the blade similar, though it was more difficult to take apart for cleaning. You’ll want to check out both cutters before you buy, but know that Kitchy’s is worth the wait.

Best Pizza Cutters Kitchy in hand

Now back to the Kitchy and why it’s so dang good.

As with most handheld options, this cutter features a sharp bladed wheel housed under a plastic hood, which serves as your grip while cutting. In comparison to a traditional pizza cutter with a handle, the ergonomics here are slightly different: The hand goes over the blade, and downward force is applied directly over the pizza. While the question of which style is better comes down to personal preference, some folks, including Alton Brown, prefer the handle-free design because it gives the user more control, and we tend to agree.

Out of all the handheld cutters we tested, Kitchy’s was the most comfortable. A number of testers commented on the soft rubber where their hands met the plastic, which made for better grip with no slippage. During our testing phase (pizza party!), our panel cut across crust and toppings — bell pepper, sausage, and basil pies, plus a few Sicilian cheese pizzas, if you’re wondering — with zero blade wobble. The same cannot be said about any of the budget-priced handled pizza wheels we tried.

Best Pizza Cutters Kitchy pizza on cutting board

While the Kitchy slices through traditional round cheese pizzas with ease, and even the thick crust of a Sicilian pie, we can’t say it was perfect for thicker-crust pizzas with more than two or three toppings. The entire slicer itself is 5” in diameter, but because the plastic handle covers about half of the circular blade, it resulted in dragging some toppings — but not so much that it was a dealbreaker.

If you’re a toppings lover, we recommend you look at our $$ winner, a traditional, restaurant-grade pizza wheel. We should note that the Kitchy did an excellent job cutting through other eats like quesadillas and frittatas, and even blocks of fudge. It’s a convenient tool for cutting sandwiches into smaller pieces, which is perfect for children (or your next afternoon tea party).

Speaking of little ones: The plastic guard makes the Kitchy a great choice for households with kids — or accident-prone adults. The cover slips over the blade so you don’t have to worry about nicking your fingers when reaching into your cutlery drawer during the frenzy of a pizza party. The Kitchy is also dishwasher-safe, though if you choose to go the manual route, the plastic handle opens like a clamshell and the blade pops out entirely. It wasn’t easy enough for a child to do, but neither was popping open any of the other handheld wheels. So leave cleanup to the adults.

Best Pizza Cutters Kitchy disassembled

For our homemade pies, we love the Kitchy because it’s sharp, dependable, and won’t take up too much room in the kitchen. Add that it’s easy to clean and it comes out of the box with a plastic guard, and you’ve got a pizza cutter the whole family can get down with.

User Reviews

“This pizza cutter is sturdy, ergonomic, and can transform any food from a menacing circle into tranquil triangles in seconds. Can it cut out other shapes besides triangles? I don’t know. Frankly, I don’t want to know. Give me triangles or give me death! It is described as a ‘pizza cutter’ but I have disregarded that description with reckless abandon and used it to cut quesadillas as well. The sharp blade was smoothly able to cleave the quesadilla in twain.”
— CanonCougar From Amazon
“One of those cases where you're not really sure why the previous version was ever even invented. I know you're probably thinking that your kitchen knife works fine, and that's cool. I don't know that I would get this *just* for pizza, but for a parent who needs to cut food into safe-sized pieces all of the time, this is a great little gadget that does the job quicker, easier, and arguably safer if you close it when you're done. Washes easily, holds up well.”
— Sara Y From Amazon
“My husband and I are getting to the point in our lives where we can afford a quality upgrade in our kitchen hardware. I really enjoy the clean, compact style, and the color makes it easy to find. The blade really feels substantial, and is sufficiently sharp but will not cut my hand. The blade cover is the best feature because I'm always afraid of little hands or absent-minded cooks possibly cutting themselves reaching into the utensil drawer. It is super simple to clean, and I believe from the way it’s made the blade is probably replaceable, but the quality makes me think I may not ever need a replacement.”
— Renie de Fierce From Amazon
“Easy to use and easy to clean. My husband and I disagree that knives work just as well to cut pizzas as a pizza cutter. So I was looking for one that was easy to clean to make him happy. This exceeded all my expectations! It doesn’t get gunky from use and I love the guard to keep fingers safe while digging in my kitchen gadget drawer.”
— Sarah From Amazon


Cute, colorful, and easy

Where to buy

$13 at Amazon

Dexter-Russell 4” Sani-Safe Pizza Cutter

Starting from $22

The Details

High-carbon steel blade

13” x 5.9” x 1.2”

Texturized, heat-resistant polypropylene handle

Built for commercial use

Dishwasher-safe; hand-dry recommended

Made in USA

What / Who It's Best For

  • Frequent pizza makers
  • Industrious home chefs
  • Pro slice slingers

Why We Love It

For the home chef who fantasizes about opening their own pizzeria, there’s the Dexter-Russell Sani-Safe Pizza Cutter. If this pizza wheel looks exactly like something a cook might use to slice up hundreds of pies for a line of hungry customers, it’s because it is. Dexter-Russell has been in the commercial cutlery business since 1818, so they know a thing or two about building quality blades that hold up against frequent use. 

Best Pizza Cutters Dexter-Russell slicing pizza

This classic pizza cutter works exactly how you imagine it would: Grip the handle and roll the wheel across the pie for a clean slice. The wheel’s size and sharpness makes easy work of both thin-crust and deep-dish pies, cleanly cutting through toppings and cheese. When compared with one of the most popular classic cutters on the market, America’s Test Kitchen-approved Oxo Good Grips Pizza Wheel, the Dexter-Russell feels lighter, more nimble, and generally easier to use, even though it’s the same size.

Our testers loved the handle, which is white polypropylene with a faux wood-grain texture to reduce slippage. Its thumb guard makes exerting the effort needed to slice easy and safe. Since this tool is constructed to withstand the high heat of commercial kitchens, you won’t have to worry about the handle if left too close to the stove.

Best Pizza Cutters Dexter-Russell

It definitely looks more industrial than some of the other handled pizza wheels we tested, which included the aforementioned Oxo Good Grips, plus options from KitchenAid and Utopia Kitchen. Simply put: Those handles felt poorly constructed in favor of style. The Dexter-Russell has nothing to prove except its ability to turn you into a pizzaiolo.

If there’s anything to take away here, it’s that this tool is sharp. Like, very sharp. And it doesn’t have a cover, so you’ll want to be mindful of its placement in a cutlery drawer. The precision-ground high-carbon steel blade is 4” across, which makes it bigger than some of the other pizza cutters of this style; and the manufacturer sells replacement blades. Commercial kitchens that have reviewed the blade report that it stays sharp for years, even with daily use, so it should last even longer in your home kitchen.

Best Pizza Cutters Dexter-Russell slicing pizza

The blade is described as stain-free, not stainless, and some reviews do mention rust appearing after using a dishwasher to clean it — though it can also easily be washed by hand. That’s the trade-off with any high-carbon steel blade: They tend to keep their sharp edge for much longer than typical stainless steel, but they have a poor rust resilience. Point is, if you take care of it, your Dexter-Russell will last for a very long time.

This thing is designed to be dropped, burnt, and used over and over again. Unsurprisingly, our testers raved about how sturdy the Dexter-Russell felt. There was no wobbling of the blade as it rolled, and the connection of the blade to the handle felt solid. Whether you’re putting it to use in an industrial kitchen or your apartment, there’s no doubt you’ll be serving up pies like a pro with this tool in your arsenal.

User Reviews

“I have been in the pizza business for 14 years. Do yourself a favor and buy this one. Best pizza cutter I have come across. Durable, rolls easily, sharp.”
— Stephen From Amazon
“I just purchased this after getting frustrated with numerous cheaply made pizza wheels I've owned over the years. This wheel feels great in the hand, is solidly constructed, cuts wonderfully, and is made in the US. I was so pleased that I ordered another one for my parents.”
— aowalter From Amazon
“After owning/working in pizzerias, you are used to higher-quality utensils to perform the task. The Dexter-Russell pizza cutter is similar to what I have worked with over the years. Good, solid feel in your hand and a stainless steel blade to cut through thick Chicago-style pizza or the thinner, more robust Neapolitan crusts with ease. This cutter, if maintained and sharpened, will most likely be the last pizza cutter you will need. This cutter puts The Pampered Chef and other similar pizza cutters to shame. It does not disappoint.”
— Michael T VanMeter From Amazon
“It's solid, does the job well, and is easy to use and clean. Could not ask for any better.”
— Mark Biering From Amazon


Classic and professional

Where to buy

$22 at Amazon

Dreamfarm Scizza Scissors

Starting from $30

The Details

Hardened German stainless steel blades

Heat-resistant nylon base

11.5” x 1” x 4”


Safety lock keeps scissors closed for storage

What / Who It's Best For

  • Hostesses with the mostesses
  • Crafty pizza lovers
  • Anyone who likes to slice as they eat

Why We Love It

With the Scizza Scissors, kitchen doodad company Dreamfarm takes the precision and comfort of a pair of standard scissors and makes a number of improvements to create the perfect tool to cut through Neapolitan-style and Sicilian pies alike without mashing or dragging any toppings.

Scissors may sound like a strange method to cut pizza, but as anyone who’s been Rome will tell you, it’s how they do in Italy. Even here in the U.S., visit any of the Roman-style pizzerias that have opened across the country (we’re big fans of Bonci), and you’ll see they slice pizza with scissors to order and sell the rectangular cuts by weight.

Best Pizza Cutters Dreamfarm open in hand

These scissors not only require minimal effort and provide maximum comfort compared to other cutters we tested in this price range, but it’s also just plain fun to use ’em. Pizza already brings joy to our lives, but it turns out there’s a way to make eating and sharing it even more satisfying.

The Scizza has a nylon base that won’t stick to or scratch surfaces, and which also helps guide the blade under the crust for precision cutting. Whether you’re using a hot pizza stone, a cutting board, or a delicate serving plate, fear not: The Scizza was engineered to leave any surface unscratched. The base is heat-resistant up to 400ºF, so you can slice things up right out of the oven, plus it functions as a spatula tip for serving the pie, so you won’t have to worry about burning your fingers.

Best Pizza Cutters Dreamfarm cutting pizza

Let’s talk a little more about its smart design: The Scizza’s raised handle, made of BPA-free plastic, prevents hot cheese and tomato sauce from getting all over it as you go, sparing your hands from potential burns and minimizing mess. The tool is spring-loaded, so you don’t have to strain to open the scissors as you cut, which reduces the effort necessary for a neater slice — and makes it a great option for anyone with limited hand strength. Its sharp 5” blades are made of German stainless steel, so you’re going to learn to love the safety lock that keeps the Scizza closed in your cutlery drawer.

The versatility of the Scizza earns it major bonus points. You can also put it to use cutting up fresh herbs to sprinkle over your pie, for instance, or side dishes like homemade pasta or garlic bread, feats that would be significantly more difficult (and less joyful) with the help of a traditional pizza wheel–style cutter. Go ahead, take a minute and just picture yourself cutting up fresh basil over the piping-hot pie you just pulled out of the oven. Is there anything more dreamy?

Best Pizza Cutters Dreamfarm closed

The entire unit is top-shelf dishwasher-friendly, but we also found it easy to clean by hand with warm soapy water; there aren’t many nooks or crannies, so it’s similar to cleaning regular ol’ kitchen shears. And while customer reviewers didn’t explicitly mention rust buildup, it’s probably best to dry the scissors off completely before closing and storing them. Speaking of storage: The Scizza measures 11.5”, making it larger than our $ and $$ picks, but it should still fit easily into a standard cutlery drawer.

This tool’s ability to slice through cheese and toppings with unparalleled precision, combined with its propensity to make people shriek with glee while they use it — seriously, one of our testers did just that — earns it status as the ultimate pizza cutter. Whether you find joy in the tactile satisfaction and nostalgia of cutting across a pie like a piece of construction paper or the look on your guests’ faces, this thing gives you yet one more reason to add pizza to the menu.

User Reviews

“This review is dedicated to all the haters in my life who questioned why I wanted this for my birthday. I love pizza, whether it’s frozen, fresh, or delivery, and replacing the pizza wheel/knife with this pair of pizza scissors has cut all of the frustration out of pizza. Dividing up slices has never been easier. It is wild how happy I feel every time I use these scissors, because not only do they make pizza slicing easier, they are also just fun to use. Even if you only cook a pizza twice a year, I still say buy these scissors. You'll never go back to the wheel or knife. These scissors are my FAVORITE product in the kitchen.”
— Lisa From Amazon
“Bought this as a gift for my Italian mother-in-law who never wants anything and uses regular scissors to cut her pizza. She LOVES it! Made well, works great!”
— Kelian From Bed Bath & Beyond
— “Compared to pizza wheels I have used in the past, these Scizzas perfectly slice through any topping you have on your pizza, leaving no overhanging cheese or pepperoni. Love that you can pinch and serve slices to friends without having to touch their pieces of pizza!” From Williams Sonoma


Fun, snippy, and effective