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6 Retro Sex Symbols Dancing Badly

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  • 1. Ann-Margret

    Ann-Margret was a legitimate triple threat, acting, singing and convulsing her way to Hollywood stardom.

  • 2. Bettie Page

    In the 50's, it didn't matter much how well you danced. If you were willing to wear leather bondage gear and writhe around on the floor, men were going to pay to see you do it.

  • 3. Raquel Welch

    Raquel Welch's robotic gyrations can't diminish her sex appeal in this absurd dance number.

  • 4. Jayne Mansfield

    If you can get past the creepy bongo player, you'll see that Jayne jiggles more than dances in this 1964 clip.

  • 5. Marlene Dietrich

    Dietrich's stilted lunges in this interpretive dance number leave the men in the audience confused. Is she attempting a seduction or sending the universal "I'm having a stroke" sign?

  • 6. Joan Crawford

    I believe we have finally traced the origin of Elaine's infamous kick dance.

  • 7. Bonus: Brigitte Bardot does a sexy, slo-mo mambo!