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10 Highly Amusing Celebrity Resumes Revealed

You won't believe what these students wrote on their resumes.

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Our sneaky Resume Companion paparazzi have managed to get their grubby paws on 10 celebrity resumes! Now, we're bringing to you all the dirty details that these famous folks have included in their professional documents in order to find employment. Read on below.

3. Darth Vader

Who needs a resume when you can do jedi mind tricks? Kruzhencka from Arizona State University did Darth a favor and wrote one for him anyway. I'm sure he'll "appreciate" it with a nice long force choke.

4. The Grinch

No one knows why the Grinch hates Christmas -- until now! Tedisha from the University of Connecticut found out that the Grinch used to work retail and customer service in a Christmas store. That's enough to drive anyone insane!

6. Chandler Bing

Meanwhile, Molly from Arizona State University emphasizes Chandler Bing's ability to develop ANUS and WENUS systems.

Between the two of them, for their futures I predict: perpetually unemployed!

8. George Costanza

Did you know it was possible to convey serious neurosis through a resume? I did not, and I'm an expert. You learn something new every day.

Thanks for the lesson, Haley from Vanderbilt University!

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