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    Hypocrisy On Steyeroids

    The Democrats have sold out to one really rich dude.

    Tom Steyer is a very wealthy man. And he has a 'Dark Money' political group that may spend $100 million during the 2014 election!


    But Tom Steyer & Co. added a stipulation to his offer. His top aide said that it depended on whether the Keystone Pipeline was killed. But the Keystone XL would create many new American jobs, and provide an economic boost. Which creates the $100 million question: Why does Tom Steyer want to spend his money to hurt our economy?

    So the Democrats heard the message loud and clear, and to prove it they had a slumber party on the Senate Floor to honor their good friend Tom.

    These Senate Democrats went against top political allies like Bill Clinton, Union Boss Richard Trumka, and others who want the Keystone Pipeline built because they understand it will help grow our economy.

    Why would they oppose this commonsense legislation? As Nelly said, "Must be the money!

    So how about those Senate Democrats who hate 'dark money!' Their willingness to do things like rent the Senate floor out to their dark money billionaire benefactors proves one thing very clearly: their hypocrisy isn't just blatant, it's fueled by Steyeroids.

    And meanwhile, the White House claimed that politics 'had nothing to do with' delaying the Keystone XL yet again!

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