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    PUP-PET-EERS In Parliament. The #5and5 Best And Worst Moments From Parliament This Week.

    Manager of Opposition Business, Tony Burke, brings you the #5and5 best and worst moments from Parliament this week.

    We Pay Tribute To Those Lost On MH17.

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    What a devastating end to the week. We all woke up on Friday to the tragedy of MH17. The bipartisan speeches from Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten captured the sense of loss we all felt. While there are many things that divided us this week, on Friday the Parliament stood as one in grief at this tragedy of incomprehensible proportions.

    This was without a doubt the most powerful moment of the Parliament this week.

    Some of the others:


    1. If anyone wanted to question Labor’s commitment to acting on Climate Change, think again.

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    2. The Government’s budget is a shambles.

    Great speeches from Bill Shorten, Tanya Plibersek, Chris Bowen, Catherine King and Kate Ellis. Here's Tanya's.

    3. QANTAS will still call Australia home.

    Amidst all the chaos, Labor successfully moved several amendments to Government legislation in the Senate. As a result of one of Labor's amendments, QANTAS will still to call Australia home.

    4. 2,500 Local GPs Say The GP Tax Has Got To Go.

    A petition signed by 2,500 Australian GPs was handed into Parliament this week calling on the Government to scrap its unfair GP Tax. Some of the individual stories that GPs have provided in this petition aren't easy reading, but it's the reality of what this Government is doing.

    5. ARMAGEDDON! Tony Abbott said a leg of lamb was going to cost $100 and the town of Whyalla would be wiped off the map.

    Member for Charlton Pat Conroy.


    1. Standing Alone.

    2. The Minister for Immigration, Border Protection and Absolute Secrecy.

    Twice this week Richard Marles asked Minister for Immigration, Border Protection and Absolute Secrecy Scott Morrison about the 150 asylum seekers being held on a Customs vessel somewhere in or around the Indian Ocean. On both occasions Scott Morrison refused to answer the questions and just unloaded abuse.

    3. Why Bother With The Details.

    Each new law has its own question time called Consideration In Detail. It's when MPs ask the responsible Minister what the impact of individual clauses of the Bill will be. Amazingly, when we got to this part of the debate on Peter Dutton's bill to increase the cost of prescriptions, he didn't bother turning up 'til the end. When he eventually wandered in he refused to answer questions, including, disgracefully, refusing to state what the impact of the Bill will be on indigenous communities.

    4. PUP-PET-EER.

    House of Reps MP Clive Palmer left the House on Tuesday and walked across to the Senate to supervise the Finance Minister reading from a script Clive had insisted on. What was worse than the humiliation of seeing a PUP-Pet-eer control an Australian Minister was the outcome of this dodgy deal: Less consumer protection and more red tape.

    5. You've missed the point Joe.

    If you thought the grumpy person formally known as Joe Hockey wasn't listening, it's actually far worse than that. On Wednesday morning he took to radio to tell Australians he's realised Australians and the Parliament were rejecting his budget, his response… he's now offering to make it harsher. Joe, I think you've missed the point.

    A special kind of enthusiasm.

    Additionally, forget the media statements from the Government proclaiming to be proud of this budget. On Wednesday when it was time for Parliament to start so the debate on the Budget could resume, Bronwyn Bishop walked into the Chamber, took the Chair, looked around and realised that not enough Government MPs had turned up for Parliament to start. She walked out, rang the Bells again and eventually they got just enough MPs for Parliament to kick-off – that’s a special kind of enthusiasm.

    This week's #5and5 song is from iconic Australian singer song writer Paul Kelly and is dedicated to all the achievements of this Government so far.

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