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Signs That I'm A Man's Man In A Girl's Body

I have a huge set of balls, they're just in my chest. Be prepared for a lot of Barney Stinson references.

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For starters...I'm awesome.

I have unrelenting delusions that in my personal life I'm awesome all of the time.

Did I mention my favourite word?

Cute? Love it? Amaze balls? pfft. AWESOME!

Like most 'guys' the only thing I'm insecure about is work.

In life I'm Snape, at work I'm Dobby! It's the only place where insecurity creeps in.

And I hate showing any form of vulnerability.

I must remain strong at all times, pain isn't allowed.

When I do become overwhelmed with emotion my instinct is to punch someone.

There's nothing worse than crying and the only way to stop it is to hit something.

And I'm like that in relationships, I don't like affection.

It makes me uncomfortable when someone tells me they love me romantically.

I have no idea what to say.

Because I try not to care.

So much so I've had a relationship with someone without actually learning their real name.

Because there are two types of guys, those to bond with and those to ogle.

But when I do love someone, insulting them is how I show my affection.

I always identify with the guy like that in a TV show.

If he's an egomaniac with an ice cold heart, that's my kind of guy!

I don't dream of getting married and having kids.

When I do fantasise it's about doing something awesome, usually I'm in an epic battle.

I love shopping and dreaming about clothes. But most of my thoughts are that the only way to die is in an epic gun fight in the future when zombies or 'big brother' are trying to take over the world or about becoming rich and powerful.

Because I'm super competitive and I love gaming.

Let's face it...I'm awesome.

No matter what my gender is.

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