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16 Hilarious GIFs For Couples Who Don't Take Valentine's Day Seriously

Romance is ew. Funny is yay. Do Valentine's Day right this year.

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1. Dear Valentine, I just wanted to say 'I love you' for the first time and then immediately regret it.

Fox / Via

2. Dear Valentine, You're welcome.

PerezHilton / Via

3. Dear Valentine, I got us tickets to a show.*

NBC / Via

*peep show

4. Dear Valentine, Thanks for being my partner-in-mild-to-moderate-crime.

CBS / Via

5. Dear Valentine, I know what we should do on our special day.

Fox / Via

6. Dear Valentine, Hehehehehehe.

7. Dear Valentine, Couch + Netflix = Meet you there.

CTV / Via

Basically the epitome of every date night. Letsbereal.

8. Dear Valentine, Instead of Valentine's Day, let's celebrate Bangtoberfest because sex.

9. Dear Valentine, Hang out with me this V-Day or I'll chase you.

10. Dear Valentine, Be brave like Nemo.

Pixar / Via

11. Dear Valentine, Let's have super protected sex this V-Day.

The CW / Via

^^^ So much no.

12. Dear Valentine, Let's do this, but not cry.

13. Dear Valentine, Just FYI.

14. Dear Valentine, You are the perfect amount of both.


15. Dear Valentine, No surprises this year, I promise.

And finally: Dear Valentine, Pudding.

The CW / Via

It's all you really need.

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