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Kylie Jenner Got Breast Implant ?!

Well oh well, did she really cross the line? Look at the photo below

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She captioned "Secret Projects "

Did she really get breast implant?

Well, just one day of interview with Cosmo magazine which she stated that plastic surgery is not necessary now, Kylie posted this major cleavage on her instagram page!

And rose media awareness asking if she really gets breast implant?

Well, I would say no for that, for me, it looks natural, and it might have to do with camera angle or push up bra.

Here's the proof

This is a picture of her before 2015, not so sure about the exact date and year, but as you can see there, her breast looks pretty similar with the photo above which proof that she actually has natural pair of breast.

And it seems that she was using a push up bra which really help to make women's boobs to look bigger.

So yea,

I do think she didn't get a breast implant! Sometimes media just exaggerating things! :|

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