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8 Things About Living In Boarding House

The moment you need to go to college, but it is far away from home, and boarding house is the only option that is available (This articel is based on personal experience). *The conditions below only applied if you are living alone

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1. Since the moment you move in, you actively will become independent / Via

That's right, you need to organize every single thing: change your bed sheets, buy meals, groceries, cleaning the room, everything!! You need do all of that by yourself and that's why you'll learn how to be a independent human being.

2. You'll meet new friends a.k.a neighbour !


Good thing by living in boarding room actually you can meet new people and become friends! Thanks God, if your new neighbor is a nice people, but it won't be the same if he/she is someone who always turn up the music volume loud until 3 am in the morning, or someone who lack of cleanliness, and so on, just saying...

But sure there are a lot of exciting people that you might never seen before! Some of them might be your close friends in the house but some might become someone you hate

3. You are basically on budget!


Saving up mate! That's the key if you live on limited budget each month. You need to consider what are the primary things that you need to buy, and sometimes you might make mistakes by purchase something that you don't necessarily need. And that's why back to number one, be independent, think twice and be a wise person while spending the money.

Unless, you are from a wealthy family, then money won't be a problem.

4. There is a time where you feel lonely


It is true, being away from your family sure will affect you somehow and it is normal! Everyone who live this way will feel the same, and fortunately there are holidays available in each year which you can take that moment to come back to your family :)

Or just simply go to your friend's room and have a chit chat, or call your family.

Note: Basically this condition will strike at the early days since you move in. No worries, it's temporary. You can distract yourself by doing something fun like : watching TV, surfing web, listening to music, reading, and so on.

5. You're free to do anything!

YES!! You can eating on your bed, lying, playing games all at once, go out until midnight, so on. Essentially you're free to do everything that you want.

But be careful, even though you're free, as an adult you need to be responsible on everything that you done! So, just tried to be positive and know when to say no or stop.

6. You might lose your clothes! (if the boarding house has the services provided)

This is my personal experience. I lost like 5 t-shirts, 2 pairs of socks, and 2 undies already due to the huge amount of laundry that the keeper need to manage in a day. I do understand, that it is a hard job since you need to remember which clothes belong to who but still losing your belonging is pretty much annoying.

7. If you sick, then it is just like hell!


You're on your own. If you don't have any friends living in the same house with you then you need to buy medicine and meals on your own!

That's why meet and become friends with some people in the house will be a good thing to do.

8. If you share the bathroom, sometimes, there is a moment where the bathroom is literally dirty

That's right! There are always some people who don't flush after they urinate, some of them might throw package of soap in the bathroom, and some might smoke in the bathroom and leave the room smoky. It is literally nasty and you totally have no idea who does all of that things!

Bless them God!


Overall, by living in a boarding house sure would be a new milestone in your life which it indirectly can develop you into a better person or worse person.

It is up to your choice!

Those conditions above might be not happened at some country due to the culture. And so, if you have lived in boarding house before or maybe college dorm and have good, funny, or bad experience while doing that, please share with me in the comment below! Would love to read that!

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