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    • renardtakingnoshortsf foreclosure
      I only charge a client when I can deliver !!
      WHAT DO YOU DO ?
      I’m NOT trying to change your profession.. just like to add on another excellent service/product YOU CAN OFFER to your community with PRIDE!
      There is no charge to become an Account Executive … and you can do this in all 5o states! Create ” Mini Franchises ” if you will all around the United States
      ( multiple streams of income )
      Get on this call tonight @ 8pm sharp !
      Lets really help Homeowners Stay in their Homes! Easy residual income in all 5o states
      Tonight we will discuss the “Stop the Sale Date ” as well as the Stay in or Walk Away Program on tonight’s conference call.
      Please call in at (267) 507 0240 Pin 418457 at 8pm Est. 8pm tonight and EVERY NIGHT MON FRI……. THIS IS A LIVE CALL AND YOU MAY ASK ANYTHING YOU WISH @ THAT TIME…. BUT YOU GOTTA GET ON THE CALL 1st. GOD BLESS

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