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    21 Signs You're Turning Into Your Parents

    It was only a matter of time.

    1. It's the biggest mark of disrespect when people don't return things they've borrowed.

    DreamWorks Pictures / Via


    2. You overshare details of your life...with complete strangers.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    "So my doctor says it isn't contagious, so that was a HUGE relief."

    3. It takes you ages to leave the house because you never know where your phone/keys/wallet are.

    BBC / Via

    Or your memory.

    4. You can no longer keep up with the latest music.

    NBC / Via

    And why can't he just be a nice young man?

    5. ...or technology.

    CBS Television Distribution / Via

    6. ...or fashion.

    The CW / Via

    Crotchless, backless, and sleeveless? WHAT?

    7. Yet you feel compelled to pass judgement on other people's choices.

    The Second City / Via

    8. Your militancy when it comes to bad manners is unwavering.

    9. You're genuinely concerned about how much people drink these days.

    Bravo / Via

    Including yourself.

    10. You get off on complaining about customer service.

    Sony Pictures / Via

    Mama better get some free shit.

    11. You've watched a Judge Judy/nature documentary/true movies marathon.

    CBS Television Distribution / Via

    What is Netflix?

    12. You go a little over the top when there are offers at the supermarket. / Via

    Because you can freeze anything.

    13. Your first instinct when something goes wrong is to blame the younger generation.

    14. Yet you often find yourself trying to prove you're "cool" to teenagers.

    NBC / Via

    And successfully prove that you're "creepy."

    15. You're mesmerized by the plethora of "handy" gadgets available on shopping channels.


    16. Being told you look "young" is the biggest compliment you could ever receive.

    Fox / Via

    Even though you're a mere 26 years old.

    17. And because you respond well to over-the-top flattery, you become an easy target for salespeople.

    NBC / Via

    You think I'm pretty and that I should enhance my features further with your special brand of exclusive makeup? OK.

    18. Which means you wind up on monthly payment plans to charities you've never heard of.

    Comedy Central / Via

    What is this picture of a famished kid? Where is Mongeelia?

    19. You laugh at your own jokes.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Because you're in denial about how shit they are.

    20. And you tell long-winded stories that you've either told countless times before, or have no point whatsoever.

    Vh1 / Via

    "And that's when I realized guys, that they were OUT OF BREAD!"

    21. But it doesn't matter, because you no longer give a shit about what people think.

    Basically you're even more awesome.

    ABC / Via

    Just like the parents that raised you.

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