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20 Animals That Are Definitely More Hungover Than You

Get over yourself. These guys are the real party animals.

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1. This very ashamed polar bear.

2. This cat who has woken up in the middle of nowhere.

3. This pug trying to find respite on the kitchen floor.

4. This little fella who just can't..even..right now

5. This orangatuan who's just letting it all hang out.

6. This probably-still-drunk sloth.

7. This cat who really hasn't got time for your shit.

8. This cat who really needs pizza. LIKE NOW.


9. This elephant who just really needs to take a dump.

10. This dog who doesn't care where he naps, he just NEEDS TO NAP NOW.


11. This cat that cannot leave the toilet bowl right now.

12. This polar bear who is feeling so. much. regret.


13. This cat who just cannot function as a normal cat today.


14. This bunny who should have just stuck to wine.

15. This cat who does not want to continue the party, thank you.

16. This dog that knows this is the only thing that might save him.

17. This dog that just wants to crawl into a hole and die.

18. This cat that wants to remain in darkness. alone. forever.

19. This bear that's experiencing horrible flashbacks.

20. This panda that never wants to drink ever again.

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