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    66 Thoughts We've All Had When Deciding What To Watch On Netflix

    This looks great but what did it get on IMDB?

    Dovapi / Getty Images / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    1. I'm so glad I'm not out tonight.

    2. Just Netflix and chillin’ by myself.

    3. Like, actual chillin’.

    4. Absolutely no sex whatsoever.

    5. Like, zerooooo.

    6. But let’s not think about that.

    7. Right, what do I want to watch?

    8. Hmmm, I feel like some sort of dark film.

    9. Psychological thriller, maybe.

    10. With creepy children who know things but the adults won't listen to them.

    11. Let's look in the thrillers category.

    12. Hmm, there isn't a subcategory for disturbing mysteries with creepy kids.

    13. I guess it is kinda niche.

    14. Maybe just a general mystery/psychological thriller then.

    15. Seen that. Seen that. Seen that.

    16. Hated that. That looks shit. Fuck off, Adam Sandler.

    17. Ugh, I've already seen all of the perfect films.

    18. Maybe this is a good time for me to start Daredevil.

    19. Everyone says it's good.

    20. ...

    21. Nahhhhh.

    22. Maybe one of those Scandinavian crime shows.

    23. Can I be bothered to read subtitles though?

    24. ...

    25. Nahhhhh.

    26. What about a good documentary?

    27. Yes, preferably dark and totally fucked-up.

    28. Hmmm, too sad.

    29. Too political.

    30. Too intellectual, cba to use my brain.

    31. Too fucked-up.

    32. This one is perfect.

    33. But I'm not in the right mood.

    34. Back to films.

    35. Hmmm, this looks promising.

    36. Let me check what it got on IMDB.

    37. 5.8? Oh, hell no.

    38. I operate on a 6.5 minimum.

    39. Wait, but it got 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

    40. This is so confusing.

    41. Ooh this one got a 7.2 on IMDB and 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.

    42. Let me watch the trailer.

    43. ...

    44. Nahhhhh.

    45. There can't be over a thousand things on here and yet fuck all to watch.

    46. I just need to pick something someone has recommended and force myself to watch it.

    47. How has it been an hour already?

    48. Oh my god, I'll have to go to bed soon.

    49. Quickly, just pick something. Anything.

    50. OOOH let me check My List.

    51. Bound to be some good stuff on there I've been meaning to watch.

    52. Paul Blart: Mall Cop? American Pie 3?

    53. Did I make this list when I was high?

    54. Oh wait, I think I actually did.

    55. Ugh, I'm really not in the mood to start Daredevil though.

    56. No time like the present, I guess.

    57. Hmmm, not feeling this.

    58. All incredible shows take time though.

    59. Like Breaking Bad.

    60. And The Wire.

    61. I mean, that took me 10 years to get into.

    62. I wish I could, like, know, for certain, that a show is worth the effort.

    63. What if I just end up wasting my entire evening on a bad show?

    64. Wait, how have two hours already passed?

    65. Paul Blart: Mall Cop it is.

    66. I really should have watched Daredevil.

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