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5 Amazing Recipes For Leftover Lechong Manok

Looking for ways to use leftover chicken? Get these chicken leftovers from the fridge to the pan with these chicken recipe ideas.

Relaxlangmom 2 years ago

6 Pinoy Soup To Warm You Up This Rainy Season

Its August and raining almost everyday. Come home to these delicious soups to rest your tired soul, both from too much traffic and the gloom and doom outside. Here are my favorite soups at RelaxLangmom, a mixture of traditional classics and new. These are comforting, and healing, and most important, the recipes on this Pinoy soup list are easy to do! Why do I call them Pinoy Soup? Because there's soups and there's Pinoy soups. I always characterize Pinoy Soup as light broths, no cream, and always healthy. Delicious!

Relaxlangmom 2 years ago