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This Man Helps Pens To Make Self-Portraits And It Is Beautiful

Meet David. He draws pens, using the pen he's drawing. (And some other stuff...) Find his work over at pensbypens on Tumblr.

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Here's a clear one to start. (All descriptions in quotation marks are David's.)

"I like this pen. It’s unassuming. It’ll just sit there on the desk. Maybe you’ll pick it up without even looking at it. And the you’ll feel it in your hand. That neat grip. And you will smile. And you will write. And you will write well."

And a chewable one. We've all got one of these lying around somewhere.

"I have so much love and affection for these pens. They sit well in the hand, they make smart clear marks, and they are just so much fun to chew."


Much retro. Very feather.

"This one is by popular request. The ink used is from a squeezed Parker cartridge.

There are many guides to making quills on the internet. I suggest ignoring them and making it up as you go. After all, improvisation can be a good feather in your cap."


What is this odd ganglion? Why would you carry it around?

"I made friends with a fellow audience member at a show at the Gate Theatre, London.

This pen is rubbery and makes a noise like a baby’s rattle. It’s nice to make friends."

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