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32 Signs You Grew Up In South-West Wales

You lived far away from everywhere and everything. Your best chum was your waterproof jacket. And you still can't explain what a cwtch is. But you'd never have traded with anybody.

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7. … and took some pretty rubbish trains to get there.

Matt Cardy / Getty

First Great Western / Arriva Trains Wales. Get it together, the pair of you. Weather like this shouldn't be a surprise any more.

8. You, like all sane people, have a healthy sense of self-preservation around people from the Valleys.


Your English friends still don’t know there’s a difference.

No, seriously, I didn't watch the show. What's going on in this picture?

10. Because Cardiff wasn’t an option, your weekends involved cans of drink and bonfires on an empty beach …


“I’m not going for a midnight swim this time.” You always do. It’s a miracle nobody drowned, come to think of it.

You also probably got into a little huff if you didn't have the beach all to yourselves.


11. … and you’ve most likely cut your foot open on last week’s forgotten cans.

Dan Brandenburg/Thinkstock

Let's face it, we were all pretty stupid teenagers around there. We generally thought that an empty can, buried far enough, was gone forever. Yeah, that's not how sand works. Not when the sea (so rudely) moves it twice a day.


21. You couldn’t even escape in English class, where this guy was waiting for you.

Hulton Archive / Getty

Dylan Thomas. Why didn’t they tell us about the cool bits? Like where he drank 18 whiskies in a row? That’d be far more useful … oh, wait; the whisky killed him, did it? Maybe not.

24. You won’t hear a bad word about ‘Doctor Who’.


Russell T Davies is from here. And you’d have liked ’Torchwood’ more were it not set in Taffyland. You also know that the Library is a real place - it's the Brangwyn Hall in Swansea.

29. Because even though your new English pals might think you live at the end of the world …

“Do you have broadband yet?” “It’s coming next year. Maybe.”

(The Smalls lighthouse, off Pembrokeshire. The westernmost point in Wales.)

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