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    • reginad9

      First, why is he calling his mother by her first name? She shouldn’t even respond to that. Second, there’s too much discussion going on. She should have told him he was told he couldn’t have cupcakes and that’s the end of it. He isn’t to go behind her back and ask the grandmother if he can have cupcakes and the grandmother needs to back her up as a parent and tell the kid what did your mother say? Then that’s it. I don’t believe in hitting your kid but she could have put him in a time out and ignore him if he kept on talking. Yes she heard him out the first time which is fine, but it shouldn’t have lasted as long as this video. Yes, I’m a parent and I feel like this was disrespectful and my kid always says excuse me before interrupting and yes I’ll listen to her side and we have a conversation but nothing as out of control as this.

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