24 Skinny Girls Who Aren’t Happy With Nicki Minaj Right Now

Damn, Nicki, don’t hurt ‘em.

1. Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video is basically the best thing that ever happened to big-booty girls and everyone who loves them.

Young Money.

2. But the song isn’t as charitable to skinny girls, whom Nicki calls out at the end with extreme prejudice.

Fuck the skinny bitches, fuck the skinny bitches in the club!

3. At that point, some skinny Nicki Minaj fans were like:

5. Here are some reactions to “Anaconda” in defense of skinny rights, including these girls who aren’t going to take Nicki’s skinny-shaming lying down.

My skinny women not gone let Nicki get away with what she said though right?

— Quincy Banks (@QuincyWorld)

I kinda dislike the Anaconda song by Nicki because she said "Fuck them skinny bitches in the club" like no fuck you Nicki

— Fea (@_FindingDori20)

8. And this girl who just can’t understand.

Why nicki mad at the skinny girls tho ?

— ✨Foreign Goddess ✨ (@_therealstarrxx)

10. These girls who are laughing through the pain.

Nicki Minaj Said F* The Skinny Bih's I Feel Hurt. Lmao

— Cartonise (@EST_Ceesi)

Thanks @NICKIMINAJ for insulting all us skinny girl out here. Lmao.

— g. (@yasgigi)

lol I was salty when Nicki threw shade at skinny girls

— $þ (@MorganSarah_)

I'm offended by Anaconda cause Nicki's dissing skinny girls a.k.a. me lmao

— & (@ohisabelx)

15. This girl who just wants love like everyone else.

Nicki Minaj really came hard at the skinny girls at the end of anaconda. Like dang we need love too

— Kay S. (@wannabeXoKAY)

17. These girls who see a double standard.

if nicki minaj replace "skinny" with "fat" all hell would break loose but she's hating on skinny girls so it's a-okay

— 。 ◕‿◕󿘜ierra (@cierraking_)

Nicki is insulting skinny girls and everybody laugh. If someone did that with the big girls, it would be a war.

— Elodie (@DanceForSelenur)

20. These girls who probably need a moment.

Dissi'N Skinny Girls Nicki That Was Mean

— ✨Flex Zone✨ (@Neva_Whatt)

I felt some type of way when nicki was talking down on skinny people

— Raven (@_RadiantRave)

Nicki did come at us skinny girls I mean dang.

— Rasheedah Brown (@Freckstopher)

Nicki Minaj straight dissed us skinny girls.

— ♕September 5th (@QueenTilyah)

Nicki went hard on us skinny people

— Disrespectful ✨ (@indiawest111)

Anaconda offends me at the end like damn nicki "fuck a skinny bitch" Oh OK

— T ✨ (@_anaytat__)

What did skinny girls ever do to you? @NICKIMINAJ

— JS (@Jaliaahh_)

28. These girls who are doing their best.

Nicki I am upset witchoo! How you gon dog tha skinny girls like dat! I'm doin my squats my booty just ain't growin!

— Aly (@Allyson_Hood)

Nicki Minaj didn't have to kill off us skinny girls like that I been tryna get thick thooooooo

— धुन निकोल Nic_Mel (@NikkiMelody)

31. These girls who wish Nicki would remember her roots.

I'm just saying Nicki Minaj bought her body so don't be dissing skinny chicks when you were once one of us girlllll

— nobody famous (@FlyGirlShai)

OH DAMN! nicki just killed us skinny girls huh? But as I 're call before she got famous she was skinny af!

— THAT'S ALL ME ️ (@Drizzles_Tixie)

I love nicki minaj & all but why she come at us skinny girls like everything on her aint fake she forgot where she came from

— moomoo♋️ (@CHRIS_andtell)

35. This girl who just had a rude awakening.

When Nicki Minaj yells "F skinny b*tches* and you realize you're one of them

— CC (@Salute_CC)

37. And this girl who will probably sing along anyway.

But why nicki minaj had to talk about skinny girls though why is it f""k us I still like "anaconda though"

— Diandria Burnstein (@bbugg_)

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