The 18 Most ASStounding Moments From Nicki Minaj’s New “Anaconda” Music Video

Oh, Nicki Nicki Nicki. Slightly NSFW!

Nicki Minaj finally released the music video to her single “Anaconda” Wednesday morning.

ID: 3631994

It had the internet like:

ID: 3631996

Basically, the video is everything you may have hoped, and then some. Here are the crucial moments:

ID: 3632000

1. When, in the first 20 seconds, she did this and the tone was set for the entire video.

ID: 3632014

2. When she introduced sidebutt.

ID: 3632018

3. And above-butt.

ID: 3632029

4. And group-butt?

ID: 3632041

5. When this dancer did this, and it rendered you speechless.

ID: 3632046

6. And then Nicki and her posse brought in some chairs.

ID: 3632060

7. When her workout gear held on for dear, dear life.

ID: 3632071

8. And this entire sequence seemed to be a nod to Eric Prydz.

ID: 3632088

9. When we all learned the power of inertia.

ID: 3632078

10. And so much more.

ID: 3632130

11. When every 16-year-old boy screencapped these next few moments.

ID: 3632114

14. When Drake showed up on set and Nicki greeted him a cordial hello.

ID: 3632141

15. And Drake was like *clears throat*.

ID: 3632150

16. “H-hey Nicki.”

ID: 3632163

17. Then they played Scrabble or something.

ID: 3632168

18. Same, Drake. Same.

ID: 3632172

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