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    5 Aug 2015

    13 Instagrams That Prove Priyanka Chopra Makes Great Decisions

    Being an overachiever can get pretty tiring, y'all.

    Priyanka Chopra is a busy woman. She's a pop star, the lead on an American primetime TV show, and a Bollywood A-lister. Ever wonder how she manages to do it all? By making incredible decisions on a daily basis. Here are just a few.

    1. When she was on a plane that had yet to take off, and she immediately took a nap.

    2. When she was by a pool and she promptly took a nap.

    3. When she wasn't even done with her juice and she couldn't help but take a nap.

    4. When she had #EyebrowsOnFleek and #NailsOnFleek and took a nap.

    5. When her Instagram filter game got intense aaaand she took a nap.

    6. When she was mid-rehearsal for Bajirao Mastani and she lay down on the floor and took a nap.

    7. When she was doing this glamorous photo shoot and, disguised by a sexy pose, took a nap.

    8. When she hid her eyes behind black aviators and sneakily took a nap.

    9. When she was brave enough to take an extreme close-up selfie while simultaneously taking a nap.

    10. When she was in the middle of a work day but decided that wasn't enough to stop her from taking a nap.

    11. When she located these Lennon-esque shades and used them to hide the fact that she was taking a nap.

    12. When she carried a pillow in a car with her and took a nap.

    13. And every other time she paused her manic Bombay-to-LA double-life and took a damn nap.

    Take all the naps you need, PC. You deserve it.


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