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Definitely Do Not Click On This Link Between 6am And 10pm

The government isn't even wearing protection while screwing us over.

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Hey, buddy. India's Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has announced that since condom ads are "indecent" and shouldn't be viewed by kids, it's now illegal to broadcast them during the day.

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Specifically, condom ads are now only allowed on TV after 10pm and before 6am. So definitely don't view this image while the sun's up.

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Sexually transmitted diseases (aka venereal diseases) are now the third most dangerous illness category in India and most cases don't get reported because of stigma. If you care about your kiddos, you WILL NOT TELL THEM that.

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One in every two sexually active people will contract an STD before the age of 25. LET YOUR CHILDREN BE THOSE PEOPLE, SAYS THE GOVERNMENT.

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Condoms (and other barrier methods) are the ONLY way to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections and diseases while having sex. So, OBVIOUSLY, keep hush about them.

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If you absolutely INSIST on loving your children and wanting them to be safe and healthy, give them the requisite information ONLY very early in the morning or very late at night.

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You're welcome to watch films that promote crimes against women, ads that uphold harmful body standards, and news channels that hate-monger ALL DAY LONG, but don't you DARE teach children how to prevent STDs until it's past their bedtime.

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The ministry has declared that this rule is "to avoid exposure of such material to children and to ensure strict adherence to the provisions". So PLEASE do NOT expose your children to notions like safety, good health practices, and science.

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Healthy condom use can spare your daughters pregnancy scares and overusing emergency contraception that harms them in the long term. So, of course, don't provide them with that gross, indecent information.

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While you're at it, absolutely DO NOT teach them these verified facts about the legality of abortions in India.

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And please. Out of respect for our esteemed I&B Ministry, absolutely do NOT share this post.

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