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10 Things Sonam Kapoor Looked Like In Her Latest Cannes Outfit

The Bollywood superstar and fashion icon looked a little... familiar.

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But here's something everyone agrees on: At the end of the day, only Sonam Kapoor could even kinda pull this off.

I wish i had Sonam's confidence. Her confidence makes her look stunning af even in this horrible dress #SonamAtCannes


Only sonam kapoor can pull this off tho. ONLY she has the ability to do so #SonamAtCannes

Lol haters make fun as much as you.But It's Sonam Kapoor bitches.She can pull off even a potato sack wid grace & confidence :D

But it's Sonam so she might just pull it off

@faria1109 @ElviraRK_PC sonam has the attitude and courage to pull it off and that's good