24 Wonderful Things You Should Thank Your Dad For

Because he’s the hero you need, and the goofball you deserve.

1. Thank your dad for always going the extra mile to make you laugh.

2. And for having NO idea where the line is between “funny” and “inappropriate.”

Seriously. None.


3. Thank your dad for being up to any parenting challenge, even ones outside his expertise.

4. And for being a pretty, pretty princess as and when you need him to be.

5. Thank your dad for always finding creative solutions to his problems.

6. And for making groundbreaking advances in the field of lazy parenting.

7. Thank your dad for his subtlety.

There is an art to being understated and your dad is an artist.

8. Thank your dad for funding so many of your misadventures.

9. And for his attention to detail when it comes to holidays and birthdays.


10. Thank your dad for tolerating all the pet animals you drag home.

Thank him for treating them with love and respect.

11. Tell him how much you owe him for passing down a love and passion for good ol’ rock n’ roll.

And thank your dad for loving you even when you recorded over it. Oops.

12. Thank your dad for always supplying you with the essentials.

13. And for knowing the secrets to a happy household.

14. Thank your dad for his epic t-shirt collection, and for letting you “borrow” so much of it.


15. Thank your dad for being the only person who can make you simultaneously groan and laugh.

16. Thank your dad for always being on the cutting edge of modern technology.

And thank him for always knowing how all of it works.

Even if he has to try a bit harder than most of us to see it.


17. Thank your dad for being the heart and soul of every family photo.

18. Thank your dad for building your character through some tried and tested tough love.

19. Tell your dad your life would be meaningless without his incredible, game-changing selfies.


20. Thank your dad for his well-meaning concern about 21st century trends.

21. Thank your dad for his text messages, without which life would be only barely worth living.


22. Thank your dad for his inimitable sass.

23. Thank your dad for making you think about life’s larger, more pressing questions.

24. And thank your dad for his big strong arms that are always there to catch you when you fall.

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