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    These Are The Photos By Indians Shortlisted In The World's Biggest Photography Contest

    *sharp intake of breath*

    The annual World Photography Awards, curated by the World Photography Organisation, has released their shortlist for 2016. The contest received 230,103 submissions from 186 countries.

    The shortlist includes six Indian photographers, listed below.

    "Joys of Learning" by Jaydip Bhattacharya

    Nominated in the "Open Smile" category.

    "Gangasagar Fair" by Abhijit Banerjee

    Nominated in the "Open Travel" category.

    "Bird Hunter" by Nikunj Rathod

    Nominated in the "Open People" category.

    "All Souls Day" by Sanghamitra Sarkar

    Nominated in the "Open Low Light" category.

    "Bryce Amphitheater at Golden Hour" by Anasuya Mandal

    Nominated in the "Open Travel" category.

    And these two from the series "Landscape" by Prakash Singh

    Nominated in the "Professional Landscape" category.

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