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    Posted on May 13, 2014

    24 Ways Every Indian's Life Changed During The Elections

    NoMo, please. It's been a long month.

    1. Your Facebook newsfeed became covered in nothing but this:

    2. Seriously. Everything else became irrelevant.

    3. And this is the only thing you saw on Instagram:

    4. Despite not having cared about politics at all ever, all your friends suddenly became experts.

    5. And criticizing the candidates brought out the most critical in everyone...

    6. From your dabbawalla to your bai...

    7. Even if they couldn't always fully justify those criticisms.

    8. At times, it became difficult to remember if you were watching the news or a comedy show.

    9. Cities found a new way to be competitive with each other...

    10. Thereby making the I.P.L. almost completely irrelevant.

    11. Friendships ended (and were formed) based on political allegiances.

    12. You stopped gossiping about Bollywood celebs, and gossiped about politicians instead.

    13. But those Bollywood celebs found a sneaky way to be in the news anyway.

    14. Respectable elderly people started giving everyone the middle finger.

    15. Restaurant menus changed to include some new and interesting items.

    16. The first thing people asked when they met went from "how are you?" to "did you vote?"

    17. You started seeing some pretty bizarre style choices.

    Sam Panthaky / AFP / Getty Images

    By which I mean TERRIFYING.

    Noah Seelam / AFP / Getty Images

    18. You started seeing a lot of well educated jhaaduwallas, and yet the country didn't get any cleaner.

    Via Raj K Raj/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

    19. The Election Commission added a new requirement: If you didn't take a selfie after voting, your vote wouldn't be registered.

    20. Facebook kiiiiiinda became relevant again.

    According to their data, 4.1 million people clicked that "I'm a Voter" button in the last month.

    21. Hats came back in fashion and you briefly wondered if you should invest in one.

    22. The music industry was shut down and replaced by politics.

    View this video on YouTube

    23. Foreign media actually gave Indian affairs some brief attention.

    24. And for an entire month, we all talked, ate, slept, and breathed politics. NoMo, please. NoMo.

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