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17 Reasons Every Foodie Needs To Move To South India

*books tickets*

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1. Because murukku may be the best thing ever invented by mankind.

2. Because there's nothing more satisfying than a perfectly crisped vada.

3. Because filter coffee is the best accompaniment to every meal.

4. And because there's no better feeling than rasam setting your face on fire.

5. Because nobody has mastered fried fish as perfectly as Chettinad has.

6. And nobody is as good at breakfast as Kerala.

7. Because a perfectly fluffed idli can make literally all your problems disappear.

8. And because a well-made kothu parota will do things to your tastebuds that nothing ever has.

9. Because some crispy papaddum can take any meal to the next level.

10. And because everything is better with sambar.

11. Because, let's be real, Mallus can do things with seafood that would blow minds the world over.

12. And because banana chips is how bananas are meant to be eaten.

13. Because this is literally the perfect way to start your day.

14. And because a well-made uthappam is the most beautiful view on earth.

15. Because coconut chutney is superior to all other chutneys.

16. Because hot, sweet pongal can put every other dessert to shame.

17. And because everything – every single thing – tastes better served on a banana leaf.